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Friday, 6 March 2015

Amina Blue explodes social media after modelling for Yeezy

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If you follow any kind of fashion account, or even a teenage boy on social media you have more than likely seen Amina Blue photographed from Kanye West's Yeezy show.

Not only does she have dreamy eyebrows, Amina meets the height of todays beauty standards: Short, Curvy, a healthy type of skinny, small waist and thick thighs.

Her tattoos never the less definitely add to her USP's (unique selling points, business studies taught me well) which also include being 5"1, a vegetarian and seemingly down to earth.

Google her name and she doesn't yet have a wikipedia page, search twitter for her name and you'll find a feed full of fans drooling over her "aesthetic"

From what I can gather she is a commercial model who is often involved in more niche projects, her participation in the Yeezy collection seems to be her most public breakthrough.

Above photos are all from Kanye's latest collection.

You can follow Amina on Instagram @amina.blue
Her feed is full of gorgeous selfies and very lovely quotes

Controversially, Kim Kardashian revealed her newest hair style yesterday, it has been speculated she was actually influenced by Amina, perhaps its after comments that even after Kims attempt, Amina actually low-key broke the internet... Thats none of my business though. 

What do you think?



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Friday, 20 February 2015

Personal update

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It's been soooo mega busy for me recently. I've been worked ten times as hard at college to achieve the best grades I can for applying to university, while securing as many offers as possible for September aaaaand trying to keep my self sane...

The silver lining to missing my blog is that I've received three university offers and I'm only waiting on one more now! (Which is booked for only weeks from now!!)

Also, I achieved an A grade on my latest research project at college, and have almost finished making my first ever jacket:

You can view my online portfolio here

I'm starting my Final Major Project now, which I'm basing on womens business wear.

Intentions for the project: Creating a capsule collection of womens business wear that can be mixed and matched to be worn globally, suitable for most industries. 

Research into: Different job roles worked by women – showing the difference in countries and societies- Equality between men and women- Beauty standards and the way the media affects females specifically 

I will look in to different sectors of business, different industries and different centres of business.

With regards to the female aspect of the project I will look into different beauty standards, different industry equality and roles across the world.

Furthermore I will do some deeper research in to:

The 1940’s when women dressed for the war and had to make do and men

The 1980’s, which was the time of power dressing

Todays society, when womens wear is highly diverse world wide and sparks all sorts of debates. 

so watch this space... heres some of my inspiration so far: 


"We should have a holiday called Space Day, where lights are to be shut off for at least an hour at night to reduce light pollution, so we can see the galaxy."

Jess x

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Winter isn't over yet: Keep out your Parka

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It seems winter is sticking around bold and strong for longer than expected this season, with the UK getting more and more warnings of snow. So keep out your knee high boots, turtle necks and parkas, no one wants to become an ice cube (or maybe you do and I totally understand that somedays)

So why keep out the parka? 
Firstly, its a staple, everyone knows what you mean when you say you're wearing it with an outfit
It's versatile- pair it with a dress and tights or some jeans, either way it rocks
It's transportable, yeah it may be a little to heavy or fury while trapsing around the shops but its super easy compared to that old teddy coat.
And lastly, they've been knocking around for a bloody long time... here's some history: 

A parka is a knee-length cold-weather coat; typically stuffed with a warm material and with a fur-lined hood.

In the early 1950s it was made from nylon, but changed to poplin by 1959, when it was featured in Vogue magazine as a fashion item. 
The word parka is taken from the Nenets (native people in northern arctic Russia) language. In the Aleutian Islands (located in the Northern Pacific Ocean) the word simply means "animal skin".

US Air Force, snorkel parka

The original snorkel parka can be split in to two designs:
N-3B parka, which is 3/4 length and has a full, attached hood 

N-2B parka is waist-length and has an attached split hood

They were developed in the USA during the early 1950s for military use, mainly for flight crews in extremely cold areas where temperatures were down to -50 °C. 
They were originally made with a sage green DuPont flight silk nylon outer and lined with a wool blanket type material. 

But in the mid-1970s the padding was changed to polyester padding: this made the jacket lighter and warmer. The outer shell material was also combined with a sage green cotton-nylon blend. 
This type of jacket earned the name of "Snorkel Parka" because the hood can be zipped right up to your face, leaving only a small tunnel (resembling a snorkel) to look out of. 

Fishtail parka: a favourite amongst the ‘mods’

Following the end of the Second World War the US army realised they would need a new cold weather system for fighting in and this is how the fishtail parka came to life. It was first used by the United States Army in 1950 to help protect soldiers from the elements in the Korean War.
There are four main styles of fishtail parkas; The M stands for military, and the number is the year it was standardized.
EX-48: This was the first prototype of the jacket- is distinctive as it has a left sleeve pocket and is made of thin poplin. It has thin fibre glass based lining that is incredibly light and warm.

M-48: Was the first actual production model fishtail parka in 1948. It was made of the heavier sateen canvas type cotton with a thicker wool pile liner and a hood liner made of wool. It was costly to produce and was therefore only in production for around one year. The cuffs had two buttons so they could be secured tightly around a wearer's wrist. The liner had a built in chest pocket which again was unique.
~ Both the EX-48 and M-48 are distinguishable from any other type of parka by having the sleeve pocket~

M-51: Was made because the M48 was such a high quality it was too expensive to mass-produce. So this version had just the one cuff button.  Also the M51 was detachable in 3 ways – making it much easier to clean. This also allowed you to change the state of the parka depending on the temperature.
M-65: The last version of this Parka. It has a detachable hood it features a removable quilted liner made of light nylon/polyester. The M-65 fishtail parka first came in to production in 1968. These parkas featured fake synthetic fur.  
Parkas were made especially big so that other layers of clothing could be comfortably worn underneath.

In the 1960s UK, the fishtail parka became a known symbol of the ‘mod’ group. This was down to their practicality, cheapness and availability- it was seen as the ideal jacket for protecting smarter clothes underneath from grease and dirt when on the mod's scooter.  Furthermore, they were easily found in army surplus shops.
Its place in popular culture was assured by newspaper pictures of parka-clad mods during the Bank Holiday riots of the 1960s.

The Jacket of Geeks? 

In the late 1980s parkas were considered very unfashionable. They were associated with geeks and nerds. This helped to create the UK term ‘anorak’ for people who wore them (this is where the two garments began to get mixed up). Nerdy train spotters would supposedly wear anoraks whilst collecting numbers on cold railway platforms. Even to date parkas are used in creating a boffin stereo type, like Scott Pilgrim for example. 

The Rise of the Parka

In Europe Parkas started to regain popularity in the late 1990s/early 2000s. Celebrities such as being Liam Gallagher and David Beckham were snapped wearing them. Around 2004, the nerdy stereotype had faded and Parkas became a main-stream fashion jacket. They were particularly popular in the indie scene. 
Although Parkas have developed over the years, there is still resemblance to the original 1950s design.  Some Parkas even still have the orange quilted lining of the 70's and 80's school parkas. 

Do you own a Parka?


Jess xx

Sunshine all the time makes a desert.
Arab proverb 

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Wedding style challenge

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A couple of weeks ago I received a style challenge to create a bridesmaid ensemble that would look dashing for a New Years Eve wedding. 

I was given four dress variations by Weddington Way  an online boutique for wedding party styles and the brief of creating a full look, as if I were the maid of honour. 

Look one

For the first look I've paired this deep blue 'Audrey' style dress with nude accessories, basic earrings, medium height shoes and a detailed clutch bag. 

 Look two

On this second look I wanted to try something less traditional. This 'Elizabeth' style dress is very simple and clean cut, so any bright colour can snazz it up. 
Seeing as its a New Years Eve wedding a bit of shimmer and sparkles is always in order. 
This tux style cape is a great take on the original jacket.
Red, really brings out the silver shade in this dress.

 Look three

I love this Navy lace dress, its so chic and flattering for a winter wedding.
Black eyeliner and Red lips are a classic and would carry the bridesmaids through from the ceremony to the new year countdown. 
This Black and White jacket would certainly secure some warmth (who knows, it might snow)

Look four

This purple ensemble is very deep and quite eye catching.
To tone it down I've paired it with neutral lips, silver accessories, minimal jewellery and this stunning eye make up.

Hair looks

Hair styles always depend on the length of your hair.
These four are my personal favourites.
As with everything, it's important not to look like the bride (it's her big day and so on)

This bohemian braided bun is really pretty and looks effortless.

For something easier and quicker simple big curls pulled back with a decorative clip can look magnificent.

These luscious curls weaved in to a braid across the top are particularly pretty.

Lastly a side bun rolled and folded from underneath looks very fresh faced, especially when topped with some of the weddings chosen flowers.

Check out Weddington Ways current bridesmaid dress collection here

Have you ever been a bridesmaid? What was your outfit ensemble? 


Jess xx 

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Monday, 15 December 2014

Global tensions rise as another unarmed teenager is killed unlawfully in the USA: Social media is the catalyst that sparks a fire ready to catch.

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The following article is not fashion related, it is something I personally feel very strongly about and hope to signal boost, its my opinion and you don't have to read it.


This is not a rare phenomenon, racial injustice is a daily problem for billions of people world wide. But as more people gain access to the news, witness accounts and social media platforms, this type of crime is hard to ignore, or indeed, get away from.

The facts are extremely hard to grasp in our current society, everyone has their own opinion, cameras, personal experiences and of course, a platform to share them on.

Ironically, the media was designed to spread the news widely and efficiently, but mixed messages and facts lost in translation now mean that many people do not understand what is really happening in the world around them.

This uncertainty only adds to the tension felt everyday in our streets, classrooms and homes. It begs the question, are we making progress? Or are we getting blurred by our own power and thirst for success? 

Regardless of what news report or protest you choose to read, an unarmed human being shot six times with his hands up, this should never make sense. 

^Malcom X^


Jess xx