Thursday, 2 July 2015

Festival hair and make up tips 2015

The festival season is here, with Glastonbury just over and dozens more festivals approaching this summer, the big question for many of us is, how can I pull off living in the great outdoors so far away from my beloved running water and electric???


^Heatless curl ideas^
Some of these are so quick and easy to do and require typical things you would find in your rucksack, you can do them while you sit around the fire in the evening or just before you try to rest your head in your sleeping bag 

^Be prepared^ 
In this tutorial Zoella curls her hair with straighteners before a festival and talks about how to keep your hair looking great across the days 

^Starter Braids^
If you have long hair braids are going to look so great and save your hair getting in your face and making you too hot

^Cute ponytails^
If you like to keep your hair straight and totally out of your way, ponytails are a good shout, make them cuter by following the tips in this tutorial!

Something else to consider is hair chalks, not only will they look really cool, they will save your hair looking greasy or lifeless towards the end of your time there, add them to your roots or ends or just highlight some cute braids throughout!

If you are trying to avoid the flower crown cliche but still want to accessorize your hair a pretty band like this will work:


Make up ideas

Something I picked up on while looking for make up tutorials was that they are all crazy!

When you're living in a tent and have had to carry all your belonging across a field I think its hard and unrealistic to then plan to go full contour and highlight for your make up, let alone carry all of your make up brushes and most expensive cosmetics around.

This tutorial is really gorgeous and for me seems a little more achievable, with a quick (ish) eye look and then glitter all over to bring out a boho vibe.

Here you can buy four pots of glitter gel for under £8, they are small and easy to carry around as well as apply!

From what I've gathered the quickest and easiest way to do festival make up is to do your normal routine, whether that be eyeshadow, eyeliner or just a bit of concealer and then make it fun by adding glitter and face paints, maybe stickers or diamonds depending on how brave you are... 

Just pack your essentials and maybe grab some cheaper alternatives to your beloved items; switch up an urban decay pallet for the nude pallet my collection (which is only £2.99)

Seeing as you will be bouncing around in huge crowds and probably not getting your full 8 hours,  concealer is definitely a must have!!

Another important thing to remember is SPF protective products, if the festival you are going to is a sun hotspot you need to stay protected!

Another cool thing to add to your shopping list is Metallic jewellery tattoos,
they are quite expensive and hard to get hold of on the high street but I have found some similarly gorgeous ones on Ebay for less than £2!!

My two favourite celebrity fashion looks from Glastonbury 2015 were:

Alexa Chung in this holographic turtle neck dress with contrasting filthy hunters, so cool!

Laura Whitmore going all 70's in suede with a cute flower power bag

My favourite set from Glastonbury was from Catfish and the Bottlemen, they never fail to impress, even with food poisoning and a whole lot of rain complications!

Are you going to any festivals this year? I'm off to Reading which I am so so excited about !!


Jess xx 

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Monday, 29 June 2015

Beauty post: Tips for concealer

One of the most hit and miss beauty products to use is concealer, everyone applies it differently and there are so many varieties.

No one wants to see a bright orange line under your bottom lashes or barely blended green dots randomly placed on your cheeks, unless thats the look you are going for of course.

Blending, I think is the first most important part of using concealer. Followed by using the right shade and texture and lastly, not wasting your money by misplacing it.

I read this cool article on buzz feed which showed the best ways to apply concealers, which ones and what each one does.

 Here are my favourite diagrams from the article that are worth looking at:

-To prevent your eye shadow from falling off your lid and settling in the creases, prime your eyelids first with a dab of concealer

-Hide puffy eyes with a bit of eye cream, highlighter, and concealer

-After applying concealer, blot the area with a thin tissue to prevent the product from settling in the creases around your eyes 

-Make your lipstick pop and prevent the colour from bleeding by lining the outside of your lips with a fine-tip brush and a bit of concealer

-Make your brows pop by lining them above and below with a concealer that's one shade lighter than your skin tone. 

 Personally I use a Rimmel London wake me up version, but after reading this article I've looked in to buying dome different textures and colours

How do you apply your concealer? Which do you use?

I've done a little research in to the best concealers around at the moment using this article on Cosmo and by asking my friends!

'Best for dry skin': Benefit Fakeup Concealer, £18.50

'Light coverage': Maybelline Fit Me Concealer, £5.99- Really easy to blend

'Best concealer kit': Creamy Corrector Kit, £24, Bobbi Brown

'All natural': SPF 20 Correcting Concealer, £21 Bare minerals

'The best for matte makeup': Dolce & Gabbana Matte Concealer, £25- Worth splashing out for 


Jess xx

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Summer nail inspiration

Summer for a lot of us is the perfect opportunity to dress up our nails, there is no school or wooly gloves and for some of us, no work... lucky buggers!

I've collected some great images from Pinterest that really give off some positive summer vibes, some are certainly for those of you with a little more practice when it comes to nail art, or for a day where you have the patience to keep trying!

But I hope these gorgeous designs give you some inspiration for your nail TLC!

 -Line your nails with petroleum jelly or white craft glue before painting them for an easy cleanup.

 -Use a white nail polish as your base coat to make your nail colour pop.

 -Use the tip of a pencil eyeliner to place tiny nail art accessories like rhinestones on your nails.

 -Make your nail polish dry faster by soaking your nails in ice water after painting them.

-Roll your nail polish bottle between your hands instead of shaking it to avoid air bubbles.

-For a quick way to do polka dots use the end of a bobby pin, dip it in the polish and apply gently

Here are some picture step by step ideas to try, all of them are so summery and look stunning:

Do you enjoy nail art?


Jess xx

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