Friday, 10 April 2015

Before our time? Grey hair trend begins to sweep pre 'OAP's'

Bleaching and lightening your hair has been popular for decades and in recent years toning it with pastel pinks and purples has made several comebacks.

However, the most recent trend, dying your hair completely grey (yes, like that cute old lady at the end of your road) has began to hit women all over the world.

Actually, if you type in to google 'How to dye your hair', "grey" is the next top result!

Personally I think it looks great, however much people argue grey hair is for when you reach the age of baking and gardening, grey hair is becoming a very important trend in both the fashion and hairdressing industry. 

^Catwalk example^

After researching more in to how to achieve the look and the maintenance it needs I discovered that its a very popular talking point on the vloger-sphere, so if you want to know more just head over to youtube and search for your grey hair inspo!!


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Monday, 6 April 2015

Tips on writing a fashion personal statement

Writing a personal statement for university is always hard, regardless of its subject or purpose.

However after discussing it with my friends and tutors we concluded that Fashion related personal statements must be one of the most challenging types.

Firstly, it’s a tough industry to crack, we all know that. So combining it with universities (that are also becoming just businesses) more than multiplies the pressure. You need to keep it somewhat academic, with enough passion and personal style to meet any type of fashion criteria.

As with all of your applications, it will only be skim read. It would be impossible for universities to fully read every single one of their applicants submissions (fashion applicant or not), so like flicking through a hefty magazine you need to catch their eye and hold their attention for as long as possible. 

Secondly, the chances of you and someone else having a similar career plan are more than likely (you are applying for the same degree) so you need to prove your passion is much more so. 

It is a competition, not quite the hunger games, but it’s definitely cut throat (any art degrees are).

Thirdly, there are only so many famous fashion related quotes and vastly appreciated designers, please, please avoid mentioning them. How many people do you think will quote Coco Chanel or Karl Lagerfeld? Too many. That’s what...

Besides, you aren't selling them you are selling yourself, it would be best to quote your own motto (given its not just copied from a more than popular philosopher)

When it comes to the written statement, saying you have a "passion for fashion" is an immediate no-no, says Josephine Collins, course leader for fashion journalism at the London College of Fashion. 

Lastly, remember that no matter how much you love fashion, thrift shopping or photography, this is an application for education; you have to make a point of saying that you are industrious in the way you tackle assignments. You need to show that you understand that the fashion industry isn't easy or kind, its hard and extremely competitive, you need to be feisty and push for what you want.

My approach was to remember that as badly as I need a degree, the universities need and want my yearly tuition fees and I know from already gaining experience in possible career paths that people need people like me.

Don't let the fear of being turned down ruin your self worth down. You aren't valued by academic achievement and if it’s what you are meant to do you will find a university that sees the potential in you. 

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Friday, 6 March 2015

Amina Blue explodes social media after modelling for Yeezy

If you follow any kind of fashion account, or even a teenage boy on social media you have more than likely seen Amina Blue photographed from Kanye West's Yeezy show.

Not only does she have dreamy eyebrows, Amina meets the height of todays beauty standards: Short, Curvy, a healthy type of skinny, small waist and thick thighs.

Her tattoos never the less definitely add to her USP's (unique selling points, business studies taught me well) which also include being 5"1, a vegetarian and seemingly down to earth.

Google her name and she doesn't yet have a wikipedia page, search twitter for her name and you'll find a feed full of fans drooling over her "aesthetic"

From what I can gather she is a commercial model who is often involved in more niche projects, her participation in the Yeezy collection seems to be her most public breakthrough.

Above photos are all from Kanye's latest collection.

You can follow Amina on Instagram
Her feed is full of gorgeous selfies and very lovely quotes

Controversially, Kim Kardashian revealed her newest hair style yesterday, it has been speculated she was actually influenced by Amina, perhaps its after comments that even after Kims attempt, Amina actually low-key broke the internet... Thats none of my business though. 

What do you think?



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