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School trips are usually boring right? Lectures? Odd tour guides and mad hatter tourists? The good things? A day off :). So when I woke up this morning and headed for school I began to think is the trip worth it? I arrived had 3 hour long lectures and then something caught my eye... there was a temporary exhibit 'All dressed up'. It explores fashion through the 1890's 1920's and 1950's. This certainly brightened up the day!


This exhibit is currently at the Herbert art gallery and will be until the 27th of March. The workshops sound fantastic but places are limited so make sure to book! (
So less advertising and more fashion? Te he!


This beautiful hand embodied dress has so much detail; you wouldn’t believe it’s from the 1950's would you? The heart shaped strapless frame looks like prom dresses you see now days, the white flower pattern which is trending and the bow belt that adds extra detail.

I'm not sure whether you can see it or not but towards the back of the photo there is a pink skirt and black top outfit. The pattern on the skirt is stunning. This outfit would have been made by household women, the skirt is reversible.
I would thoroughly advise anyone to visit this exhibit and maybe even do a workshop!


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