Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Celebrity Style Paparazzii!

Ooohh...I am nosy! Just found some pic's of celebrities on the front row at London's fashion week take a look;

Alexa Chung did me proud! She stuck nautical, my 'I do love (a man in) uniform!' post was like de-ja-vu!
Olivia Palermo was kind of looking warm in a big knit but it had no sleeves so she may have shivered! I like her bangles but she disappointed me... 
Diana Vickers on the other hand did look warm in an oversized knit the pattern really added detail! Although I still liked her better with curly hair! 
Kimberly Walsh had her jacket on but from what I can see she is wearing a colourful patterned mini dress!
Pixie Lott looked super cute in her blazer and classic black dress I love her necklace and hair band! 

Wow! Celeb's really have no time at all do they? I also found some snap's from The LOOK Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Show!

Luckily Caroline Flack and Emma Willis didn’t wear the same this time! In this fashion face of I must say Caroline wins it for me!

Olivia didn't fail to impress this time round, I' loving her heel's (Animal!) and the shade of her green dress!

Sophie Ellis Bextor looked great in a day dress and back heeled boots. I always look forward to seeing her bags!

I've heard of her... the Sunday Girl. I think she writes columns in the Sunday paper I'm not sure though. Anyway I love her look simple but effective!

Geek xx


  1. Yeah, I love when LOOK does their shows, I get that mag every week, and it's pretty cool to have a hight street show!


  2. I love it too! I do too! Te he, infact I'm reading their latest issue now! :) Page 84 the blue high street catwalk is my fave, its slightly nautical! :)

  3. I'm a huge fan of Pixie her style is so edgy and unique, but at the same time feminine! She's amazing!

  4. I agree, Olivia is amazing!

    Pixie always look's super cute :)

  5. J'adore !! :)

    Bises ♥

  6. olivia palermo is perfect as all the time, check out our post about this chick! xx
    the cookies

  7. Great blog. Very interesting and stylish.

    Just come and see mine.


  8. really like your blog!im new too and would love if you have any advice for mine!!!

  9. love the name of your blog... thanks for posting all of these pics.

  10. love love love olivia palermo :) she is always my favorite! her shoes are fabulous!

  11. love alexa chung's red lips.
    also how cute does pixie lott look(though i'd probably suggest a grey blazer instead).


  13. Love the stripe t-shirt in the firts picture!

  14. Wow these are amazing! I just adore these pictures, they offer such great inspiration for our own outfits! Love!

    VPV Intern

  15. I love Olivia Palermo.. so chic!

  16. thanks for your comment
    My favorite are Olivia I love, and Alexa



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