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Hello! My vintage obsession has led me into business! I have now set up my own online shop! I will be selling vintage accessories I find in charity shops and such like. I am still getting to grips with the website so please bear with its appearance at the moment. I am currently selling some earings which I find in my nearby 'British Red Cross'. Please check it out;

All my items are reasonably priced, and overseas orders are available upon request.

Watch this space,

Geek xxx


  1. oh I love this! Fab pics x

    Blending Style, Celebs and Fashion

  2. Hello darling,

    I love your blog and now following!!! Thank you very much for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment:)


  3. I love the first picture of your blog so much
    so chic in paris

  4. that is so cool! I love this! =)
    your very insp0iring! hihi
    love your blog!
    check mine out too if you would like =)


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