Hello, as you know tomorrow is the royal wedding! I'm lucky enough to have the day off, and at school we had a street party, we have some family and friends coming round for a bit of a party :) I personally wont be watching all of the wedding but I will tune in to see her dress! What are you doing to celebrate the royal wedding?




You may have seen merchandise of Kate and William in the shops but I bet you haven't seen any like this...

William and Kate bananas made in Japan!

Lego heads of Prince William and Catherine Middleton have gone on display at Legoland in Windsor. The heads, which will be on display in the park's Creation Centre, took the model maker nearly 100 hours to build using 10,850 bricks.

This wedding dress was sculpted out of white chocolate by Dale Skipper at the Chocolate Deli in Norfolk. The dummy is Kate. The dress, tiara, necklace and glistening bracelet have all been moulded out of white chocolate and decorated with sugar beads and edible glitter.

The artist Mark Kennedy has created this mosaic of Prince William and Kate Middleton made entirely from Love Hearts. A total of 10,000 special edition sweets featuring the words "Just Married" were used.

Peter Mason has created a piece of "pop" artwork to celebrate the royal wedding. He has used 3,000 old postage stamps, each featuring the groom-to-be's grandmother, to create a montage of the couple. The 3ft by 4ft picture took two weeks to create, with Peter working six-hour days.

Pizza company Papa John's has worked with a food artist to create a portrait of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Kate's veil is made from mushrooms and her dress from cheese, while William's morning suit has been created out of salami and peppers.

Special cups of coffee featuring the faces of the royal couple were created for the International Food and Drink Exhibition 2011.

Knitted figures created by Fiona Goble.

Artist Malcolm West took over five weeks a portrait of Prince William and Kate Middleton, made entirely of jelly beans. The image, 1.4m by 1.2m, comprises 11,000 edible Jelly Belly beans using 15 different flavours. It will be displayed in the John Lewis Oxford Street store in London until moving to St Andrew's on 25 April.
(Pictures and information from msn.com)

I will report on Kate's dress tomorrow,

Geek xx

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  1. This post is hilarious!


  2. Some people are quite obsessed!! I want to see her dress and everything but seriously, a sculpture from a banana! TOO FAR! haha

    Monique xx


  3. wow their faces have been made into so many things--i can't believe they were turned into bananas!

    hope you have a fun time following the coverage.


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