I recently received an email from Sarah Watkinson who is the Creative Director of online shoe shop 'Yull'.
The site is very unique and gives across a very girly feel! I love the logo and slogan, it is very elegant.

'Style over fashion'

'Yull is a mix of vibrant colours and playful patterns on classic designs accompanied by very wearable and timeless shoes...'

'What is Yull all about?' I hear you say...

'Sarah Watkinson-Yull established Yull in 2011 at 21. The 21-year-old completed her studies at Philip Green’s Fashion Retail Academy in 2009 before working for the family business in particular focusing on the import, export aspects of business. Since then she has taken the decision to combine her creative side and ardour for fashion with her business knowledge in the launching of her shoe brand Yull.
Sarah says that Yull is ‘style over fashion’, a break from the current trend-following flow of impracticable and ephemeral shoe brands.
Yull is a mix of vibrant colours and playful patterns on classic designs accompanied by very wearable and timeless shoes that are hard to find in the existing market.
The brand is very patriotic and represents 'Britishness' incorporating the range with the English season's needs for fashion footwear in sporting and cultural events.'

I love how every pair of shoes is inspired by different places. I particularly like these 'Hoxton's'!

'Situated in London in the borough of Shoreditch - a trendy and lively area where City workers and artists gather. Just the place for a bright pink suede shoe.'

It's great how some of the shoes are made with Eco-materials!

'The brand is very patriotic and represents 'Britishness'.'
In the spirit of the royal wedding I would also like to share these shoes with you; Ascot

'Named after the famous racecourse and the even more famous Royal Ascot week. Attended by the Royal Family so the Royal blue shade with an open toe is a must.'

At the moment the site is holding a 'Royal Wedding Giveaway'! Check all of this out and more at;

Geek xx


  1. cool shop and beautiful shoes :)



  2. great shoes :)
    love your blog :)
    i am following :)

  3. that's a super cute shop!!
    lovely shoes congrats!!!


  4. awesome shoes, there really pretty
    lately I have been trying to buy lower heels
    ones that are more cute than sexy those are great



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