Friday, 6 May 2011

*V I N T A G E*

I am so vintagly in love <3 I was recently given a vintage suitcase.After looking through the items inside including an old shoe brush and newspaper from 1952 I came to the conclusion that it is from world war 2!

My skirt is DIY and isn't completely finished (watch this space). The Queen badge is the one I mentioned in an earlier post, it was £1 from my local festival :)
I went for the no shoes approach ...

Odd bits of vintage jewellery...

Post soon,

Geek xx
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  1. love it!

    My blog:

  2. Very interesting!! love vintage:)

  3. beautiful pics!

  4. what a great photos girl!
    loved how you did this!

    like the clothes 2!
    i have a new post, maybe you can check?

  5. lovely look and totally rad suitcase ;)

  6. You have great style! Loving this post. Thanks for your sweet comment, too! I checked out your boutique and it looks really great!

    xx. VLM.

  7. aww those vintage jeweleries are ur outfit

  8. LOVE the suitcase
    and the pin is too fab

  9. love the suitcase and that cute little ring!

  10. You look amazing! Loooove the whole outfit! <3

  11. it's incredible!! very nice vintage jewellery.

    Fashion Cat

  12. Love the jewellery! And the suitcase is amazing! I have one myself but its only from the 1960's!

    Nice blog! I'm now following!

    Girl about Town XxX

  13. I have an almost identical vintage case/trunk. I painted mine as it had been previously (badly) painted and I now use it as a bedside coffee table. Very handy for stuffing away winter items of clothing or the huge pile of things labelled 'interesting vintage piece but needs mending/altering/taking up'. I love the shot of you walking with it, with the light spilling over the hedge behind you.


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