Black and White...

I have noticed allot of black and white photography on people's blogs lately, so I'm on a bit of a craze about it. I think black and white photography, in some cases, can be a whole lot more inspiring than advanced photography. It makes you put yourself in the picture, deciding what the colours would be, what the person/thing is portraying; feelings wise.And what is going on around the picture. Do you agree? Or am I blabbering?

It can give off a vintage feeling, a sense of mystery. In fact I think considering there are so many ways of using advanced photography people still use black and white photography allot! I prefer to use black and white photography not only because I think it is more original and vintage but also because I'm a bit of historian. I like to know how thing's began and how they progressed. Anyway here's my black and white photo picks;

I have seen this one a few times before... very mysterious.

This is just loveable

This makes me curious, very curious.



Just because I think they are both amazing!

Tear or raindrop...

I want to gon on my swing now...

Add a bit of catwalk in the mix...

I need vogue

Geek xx

This post was a bit of a break from the Best Dressed List 2011 countdown, but the top 5 will be announced soon!!

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  1. Love black & white photos!
    I'm in love with them too
    Amazing blog

  2. love black and white photos <3

  3. i seriously think every photo looks better in black & white!

  4. the pic with the bear looks amazing !!!

    have you seen my latest post ?

  5. I love the b&w of the swinging girl! I would love a print of that for my guest room!


  6. Unreal pics! Love the 1st one!

  7. Hey :D
    Really like your blog! Lots of nice pictures and inspiration!
    Do you want to follow each other? :D
    let me know!!

  8. Black and white imagery can be so more effective and often tells a bigger story! Love it.

  9. what an beautifull photos, i really love to see this!

    NEW Outfit post

  10. Love black and white photos!


  11. black and white photos have such an atmospheric mood.
    truly amazing!


  12. Amazing pics <3 Love the outfit in the last one!

    Jonna xx

  13. Thanks :D
    i follow back!!


  14. lovely blog you got here...amazing photos ♥

    wanna follow each other??!!


  15. I love these photos. There is something just lovely about black and white photos.


  16. I love b&w photos. They have that amazing mood.
    Great post darling!

    xoxo Ra

  17. I love the teardrop photo! All of these are amazing ;)
    would love to follow each other!!!

  18. wait for a new amazing outfit post babe!
    tell me when you have it:)

    i have one;)

    New outfit post:

  19. Hi there fellow geek!
    nice post!

    check me blog out!

    great blog! PS i followed you - do follow me if you want


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