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I recently stumbled across this article on although it isn't the most detailed article in the world, it is inspiring!

Reading magazines online is my new thing, so expect many more articles like this one! 

How To Make It In Fashion by the Editor of

'So you think you can cut it in the world's most fabulous and ferocious industry? Research ladies, before you climb into those heels and pledge your allegiance to the fashion gods. The fashion desk speaks to the Editor of and shares wise words on how to get to the top.'

'After a six month placement as the editorial assistant of Vogue magazine, Dolly Jones successfully landed the writer job on in 2000. Five years later she was named Editor, so suffice to say that her career tips are ones worth noting down.'
Dolly's Career DO's:
DO Always be honest - don't let people think you know something when you don't. They'd always much rather you asked than pretended to know and then got it wrong.
DO Be ambitious - if your ideas don't work the first time there is generally another way. Don't give up.
DO Try the things you don't like - you never know what you might learn, who you might meet or what ideas might spring from it. It pays to be a bit brave.
Dolly's Career DON'Ts:
DON'T Assume you know the answer - collaborative thinking comes up with the best options.
DON'T Be complacent - there's always someone else who wants your job as much as you do.
DON'T Work all the time - it's hard to remember but you work better if you live life too.'
I was flicking through some old posts and began to adore vintage Vogue covers again, luckily they are relevant  (sort of) for this post :)










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  1. I always appreciate posts that encourage people to strive to make their lives and careers better. Thanks for sharing these career tips, these apply to all of us, whether in the fashion biz or other industries.

    All the best!

    A Single Girl's Musings

  2. Great tips! Especially the don't work all the time tip!

    <3 Kelly

  3. Vogue covers used to be so much nicer than they are now....

  4. classically stunning. love this. thanks for another amazing post. Would love if you'd check out my latest trend report. Thanks love. xoxo

  5. Some wonderful words of wisdom from Dolly here :)

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    seeing steel magnolias

  6. amazing post

  7. I love vogue!

  8. my mother have a lot of number of vogue !

  9. love this post babe!
    amazing tips
    adore vogue

    New outfit post - Lets sheer it

  10. i really miss models on the cover of vogue america. these are so inspiring.

    check me out!


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