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Aha, I'm not starting a show although it is like the x factor or Britain's got talent!

Do you have a new blog? I'm looking for fresh fashion blogs, I have recently sorted out my profile and figured that I have followed very few up and coming blogs! So this is your opportunity to sell your blog to me and my readers.

What is your blog all about and why should others visit it? Leave a comment below with a link and description...

Geek xx

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  1. I NEED YOUR HELP! please please please vote for me (Blogger's wardrobe competition) by liking: 1. and 2.

  2. This is a brilliant idea! Hmm... I was contemplating on entering my blog but I am not a fashion blogger :(


    A Single Girl's Musings

  3. Hi there~ I just stumbled upon your blog. Our website, is a place where we blog about the latest Asian fashion trends and all things beauty related. We are based in NYC and we have ties in Taipei, Taiwan. Come check us out :) Thank you~~

  4. My blogs about art, photography and fashion. Peeps should visit to see if its looooove!!! I think its a rockin little web space! hahahaa

    ♥♥♥Would love if you entered our:
    HOUSE OF HARLOW GIVEAWAY♥♥♥ (We think youd rock one of these necklaces!!!)

    shantik designs
    LOVE xxx

  5. You are so pretty! This is such a creative idea!

    My blog is about fashion, my life, I'll throw food in there every once in a while. But I try to keep things interesting for my readers ;)

    Have a fab weekend!


  6. i am following your blog on facebook now! cool site.

  7. You are so lovely :D

    Peace n' Kisses from France

  8. Oh! My blog ( is a fashion blog! :) Hope you can check it out! :)

  9. cool blog! ;)
    wow this is tempting, I'd like you to be my follower but sorry, I'm not exactly a fashion blogger although I do sometimes rant about it :P But you are welcome to visit my blog :)


  10. Mmm It would be nice if all your other readers visit my blog, i think it's nice, but who better than all of you to judge it!

    just visit it :D-->

  11. I am really very new at all this but I hope you enjoy what I've got so far.

    Love your blog!

  12. what a marvellous idea!
    well, 'the merri mari' is my outlet of creativity and love for all things lovely. since wearables are a huge part of my everyday life i mostly go on and on about brilliant dresses, peter pan collars and frilly socks.
    i think that covers it mostly ;) i'd be honored to be considered...

    xx //

  13. i just found your blog, i love all your posts! i just followed :) this is such a great idea!
    my blog is where a high school student posts about fashion/beauty/life. theres no high end, just what teenage girls like (and can afford!). its an outlet for everything i love in life!
    hope you check it out <3 xoxoxo


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