Tuesday, 29 March 2011

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Firstly I would like to thank you all for the lovely comments you left on my last post and I'd like to say 'Hi!' to all my new followers!

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Now back to 'what it says on the tin!'

Colour blocking is super hot! Clashing colours seems to have changed, do it to be stylish not to be foolish!

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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Your guide to spring fashion!

As I recently planned, here is my 'Spring fashion guide!' from A-Z every key trend to keep you chirping this spring!

Accessories are always key, this spring invest in some floppy hats stone rings and long necklaces because it's going to get very hippy. Jewellery is taking a step back into the 70's!

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Briefcases are key, jazz up some plain work briefcases or invest in some super stylish ones from online sites like ASOS!

Alexa loves them!
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Denim has just taken a chill pill, it's now smoother and lighter. Chambray!

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Day dresses are forcasted to breeze boho!

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Embrace some white stilettos. Detail is key ruffles and studs can make them look designer!

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French Breton stripes will turn flirty this season so grab your self a t-shirt or crop top they are mix and match so pair them with jeans or a skirt!

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Funnily enough here this model wears chambray trousers!

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Get a clutch, daytime seems to be a new clock that's ticking pick a clutch and turn some heads when picking up your morning Starbucks.

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Hot skins, clash tribal with snakeskin reptilian or python print for glamour!

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Ibizian blooms, abstract works of art perfect for your holiday especially for cocktail bars!

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Juicy fruit! Fruit just got a whole lot cuter, from watermelons to lemons. Stella McCartney Prada and other famous designers are doing it- if its juicy its perfect!

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Killer coin chains Chanel inspired Roman effect chains are all in, Kim Kardashian is going mad for them!

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Little white frocks, yes little black dresses are classic but this time go for white!

Mix 'n match your prints, to break patterns up use coloured belts. Floral is very D&G!

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Night fever lurex, glossy shiny disco fabric. From day wear to nightwear, work it with floaty and loose fabrics for a retro feel.

Off-beat colour blocking its hot now and will be all spring vertical panels are perfect for petites!

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Pearl heels vintage cute and girly you must own a pair!

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Quirky artwork,pop art unique and edgy go all out with this look!

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Rich turquoise jewellery- perfect holiday accessories gives a 70's feel and makes you look tanned!

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Sexy straps, old school buckles are back. Go on slip your feet into buckles and straps!

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Turn sleeveless jackets into tops!

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Unleash your inner tomboy, DIY is perfect for this look.

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Vamp it up in a midi hem this look is young and fun when in colour and can create a very graphic touch.

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Wear tunics over trousers, hide your bum and skin your tum with this medical uniform look.

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X rated maxi gowns with cutouts and split legs for a perfect fit.

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Your exotic oriental fix Chinese floral prints are key this spring!

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Zingy lime in your face great for tanned skin and refreshing!

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