Friday, 29 April 2011


As promised I have got the lowdown on Kate's dress, what I wore and what I've been up to- celebration wise!

Kate wore... drum roll please;

'Designed by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen, it has a lace applique bodice and skirt, and veil. The bride is wearing her hair down, with a tiara.
The lace on the bride's dress details a rose, thistle, daffodil and shamrock, and was hand-made by the Royal School of Needlework at Hampton Court Palace.
The bridal train measures 2m 70cm, and along with the lace, all other fabrics used in the creation of the dress were sourced from and supplied by British companies.
Ms Burton said creating the royal wedding dress had been the "experience of a lifetime".'


I think she looked stunning, perfect, in the words of prince William 'Beautiful'.

I spent most of my morning baking cakes;

Like many british I had a cuppa as they made their vows <3

I wore;

Sailor maxi skirt- Next
Anchor ballet pump's-Primark
Cake top-Primark
Tiara-My mum's
I cheesily did my hair like Kate's and did one eye red and the other blue :)

Geek xx

Thursday, 28 April 2011


Hello, as you know tomorrow is the royal wedding! I'm lucky enough to have the day off, and at school we had a street party, we have some family and friends coming round for a bit of a party :) I personally wont be watching all of the wedding but I will tune in to see her dress! What are you doing to celebrate the royal wedding?




You may have seen merchandise of Kate and William in the shops but I bet you haven't seen any like this...

William and Kate bananas made in Japan!

Lego heads of Prince William and Catherine Middleton have gone on display at Legoland in Windsor. The heads, which will be on display in the park's Creation Centre, took the model maker nearly 100 hours to build using 10,850 bricks.

This wedding dress was sculpted out of white chocolate by Dale Skipper at the Chocolate Deli in Norfolk. The dummy is Kate. The dress, tiara, necklace and glistening bracelet have all been moulded out of white chocolate and decorated with sugar beads and edible glitter.

The artist Mark Kennedy has created this mosaic of Prince William and Kate Middleton made entirely from Love Hearts. A total of 10,000 special edition sweets featuring the words "Just Married" were used.

Peter Mason has created a piece of "pop" artwork to celebrate the royal wedding. He has used 3,000 old postage stamps, each featuring the groom-to-be's grandmother, to create a montage of the couple. The 3ft by 4ft picture took two weeks to create, with Peter working six-hour days.

Pizza company Papa John's has worked with a food artist to create a portrait of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Kate's veil is made from mushrooms and her dress from cheese, while William's morning suit has been created out of salami and peppers.

Special cups of coffee featuring the faces of the royal couple were created for the International Food and Drink Exhibition 2011.

Knitted figures created by Fiona Goble.

Artist Malcolm West took over five weeks a portrait of Prince William and Kate Middleton, made entirely of jelly beans. The image, 1.4m by 1.2m, comprises 11,000 edible Jelly Belly beans using 15 different flavours. It will be displayed in the John Lewis Oxford Street store in London until moving to St Andrew's on 25 April.
(Pictures and information from

I will report on Kate's dress tomorrow,

Geek xx

P.S I would like to say thanks to little miss violet ( for giving me the Blogger Luxury Award!
I will post about it soon!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Why hello there fellow readers! Recently my posts haven't been as style devoted as I would have liked but after sharing some great shoes and fair trade clothes chic geek is back to enlighten your glasses with more style ;)

You may have all ready heard of a new upcoming trend 'Safari' it is full of army greens camel colours and some great accessories. I am currently on a hunt to find some safari shorts! I have found some great outfits and inspirational shots;










Great site to visit; 
Animal prints like zebra and leopard print are great ways to give across a safari look. Khaki green is a great shade to go with however its a bit wintery camel is more summer appropriate. Accessories are key in this look, tribal bangles and animal rings look best; dirt gold is the way to go!

Geek xx

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Saturday, 23 April 2011


I recently received an email from Kavita Parmar who is the creative director of 'The IOU Project' of course I was over the moon! How often do you get an email from a fashion designer? After reading the first line I was so excited

'I´m writing to you because we've seen your blog and we love what you've been posting...'

It turns out she is due to release a one of a kind collection at the end of this month, it's hard to explain what makes it so good; take a look at this video...

'We think it´s special, and I hope you find it interesting as well. If anything I can tell you, it´s totally unique!'

Watch this space...

Geek xxx

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Bits for boffins!

Hello! My vintage obsession has led me into business! I have now set up my own online shop! I will be selling vintage accessories I find in charity shops and such like. I am still getting to grips with the website so please bear with its appearance at the moment. I am currently selling some earings which I find in my nearby 'British Red Cross'. Please check it out;

All my items are reasonably priced, and overseas orders are available upon request.

Watch this space,

Geek xxx

Wednesday, 20 April 2011


I recently received an email from Sarah Watkinson who is the Creative Director of online shoe shop 'Yull'.
The site is very unique and gives across a very girly feel! I love the logo and slogan, it is very elegant.

'Style over fashion'

'Yull is a mix of vibrant colours and playful patterns on classic designs accompanied by very wearable and timeless shoes...'

'What is Yull all about?' I hear you say...

'Sarah Watkinson-Yull established Yull in 2011 at 21. The 21-year-old completed her studies at Philip Green’s Fashion Retail Academy in 2009 before working for the family business in particular focusing on the import, export aspects of business. Since then she has taken the decision to combine her creative side and ardour for fashion with her business knowledge in the launching of her shoe brand Yull.
Sarah says that Yull is ‘style over fashion’, a break from the current trend-following flow of impracticable and ephemeral shoe brands.
Yull is a mix of vibrant colours and playful patterns on classic designs accompanied by very wearable and timeless shoes that are hard to find in the existing market.
The brand is very patriotic and represents 'Britishness' incorporating the range with the English season's needs for fashion footwear in sporting and cultural events.'

I love how every pair of shoes is inspired by different places. I particularly like these 'Hoxton's'!

'Situated in London in the borough of Shoreditch - a trendy and lively area where City workers and artists gather. Just the place for a bright pink suede shoe.'

It's great how some of the shoes are made with Eco-materials!

'The brand is very patriotic and represents 'Britishness'.'
In the spirit of the royal wedding I would also like to share these shoes with you; Ascot

'Named after the famous racecourse and the even more famous Royal Ascot week. Attended by the Royal Family so the Royal blue shade with an open toe is a must.'

At the moment the site is holding a 'Royal Wedding Giveaway'! Check all of this out and more at;

Geek xx