Saturday, 27 August 2011

Celeb's off duty...

How can celebrities dress up in glamorous gowns and designer shoes all the time? They don't. Aha no siree, here are a few of the stars caught in their casual clobber...

Alexa Chung looks great here, she just works those coloured jeans.

Whitney Port  rocks double denim while wearing some cute clogs.

Rachel Bilson keep's it simple but really rocks her studded bag.

Eliza Doolittle sticks it to her Quirky style, loving the short short's and the bright pink's!

Kelly Osbourne looks surprisingly retro here, loving the red lips!

Olivia Paleremo sticks to black and white, she looks casual, sophisticated! 

Agyness Deyn looks great in her nautical stripes.

Love, love, love Fearne Cottons dress and wedges!

Keria Knightley... her coat is so cute!

I love Elle Macpherson's jeans and jacket.

Mary Kate Olsen looks lovely here.


There will be no more posts over this weekend, I'm on holiday, sorry...

Geek xx

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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Alexa Chung has MADEWELL style!!

Te he I think I did quite well with that title!! As you all know I have a  *slight* obsession with Alexa's style so after reading about her new collaboration with Madewell... :O 

So here is a little look at what I managed to find;







And I heard from a little birdie (are you dressing up or dressing down) That the aw11collection will be available to purchase from 22nd September, so save those penny's ladies!

Sorry this post is a little late it was my birthday yesterday (YAY),

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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Don't wory dear, all of these lovely pieces are under £25...

So many bags, clothes and pairs of shoes you just love but;
Don't wory dear, all of these lovely pieces are under £25...
There's no need to save the penny's :)

Above from left: skirt, £14.99, H&M, scarf, £24, Urban Outfitters; top, £14.99, H&M

Above from left: pumps, £15, Chockers; blouse, £14.99, Missguided; ring, £3.99, New Look

Above clockwise from top left: headband, £18, Urban Outfitters; skirt, £20, Boohoo; jeans (with belt), £20, Boohoo; belt, £18, Marks & Spencer

Above from left: bangles, £16.50 for set of five, Freedom at Topshop; dress, £24.99, Miso at Republic

Above clockwise from left: trousers, £18, Evie at Peacocks; bag, £12.99, New Look; shorts, £18, Peacocks

Above from left: dress, £22, Evie at Peacocks; hat, £22, Bhs; blouse, £24.99, H&M

Above from left: dress (with belt), £24.99, H&M, skirt, £14, Evie at Peacocks; heels, £24.99, New Look


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Friday, 19 August 2011

Cherry on the top...

'Like a cherry on the top of a cupcake no outfit is complete with out an accessory...' I' m very proud of this comparison, my descriptive writing is getting better!

1 top, £60, Warehouse; jeans, £45, Topshop; gloves, £100, Dents; bag, £39.90, Marks & Spencer; boots, £80, Topshop

2 dress, £24.99, scarf, £14.99, both H&M, belt, £10, Next; zebra-print bag, £79, Jones Bootmaker; bangle, £37.50, Anna Lou of London; ring, £8.50, Diva at Miss Selfridge; hat, from £50, Emma Fielden; tights, £5, Pretty Polly; shoes, £90, Dune; red bag, £29.99, New Look

3 shirt, £45, Mint Velvet; skirt, £45, Hedonia; belt, £29.90, Mango; gloves, £30, Topshop; bag,£45, Warehouse; tights, £15, House of Holland for Pretty Polly; shoes, £75, Bertie

4 dress, £29.99, H&M, belt, £15, Next; cuff, £14, Freedom at Topshop; bag, £89, Fiorelli; socks,£4, Pretty Polly; shoes, £14.99, New Look

5 shirt, £55, Warehouse; skirt, £25.99, Zara; gloves, £6.99, H&M, bag, £35, Topshop; tights, £8, Pretty Polly; shoe-boots, £75, Topshop

6 dress, £50, chain cuff, £15, both River Island; bangle with blue stone, £14, Freedom at Topshop; large ring, £10, River Island; chain bangles, £20 for set, giraffe ring, £15, both Freedom at Topshop; bag, £59.99, Zara; tights, £15, House of Holland for Pretty Polly; shoes, £69.99, Zara

7 dress, £120, Topshop; bangles, £10 each, Wallis; bag, £28, Next; tights, £5, Pretty Polly; shoes,£85, Topshop

8 shirt, £50, Warehouse; skirt, £80, Oasis; bangles, £35 each, Freedom at Topshop; gloves, £59, Aspinal of London; bag, £25, Warehouse; tights, £5, Pretty Polly; shoes, £99, Dune

9 dress, £80, Warehouse; ball-shaped ring, £8.50, Dorothy Perkins; dark blue cuff, £12, Oasis; jewelled bangle, £25, Freedom at Topshop; armour ring, £12, bag, £20, both Oasis; tights, £12, House of Holland for Pretty Polly; shoes, £65, Schuh

10 top, £13, American Apparel; skirt, £55, Oasis; black cuff, £10, cream cuff, £12.50, both Freedom at Topshop; ring, £8.50, Dorothy Perkins; bag, £150, River Island; tights, £15, House of Holland for Pretty Polly; shoes, £65, River Island


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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Reach for the stars...

I recently stumbled across this article on although it isn't the most detailed article in the world, it is inspiring!

Reading magazines online is my new thing, so expect many more articles like this one! 

How To Make It In Fashion by the Editor of

'So you think you can cut it in the world's most fabulous and ferocious industry? Research ladies, before you climb into those heels and pledge your allegiance to the fashion gods. The fashion desk speaks to the Editor of and shares wise words on how to get to the top.'

'After a six month placement as the editorial assistant of Vogue magazine, Dolly Jones successfully landed the writer job on in 2000. Five years later she was named Editor, so suffice to say that her career tips are ones worth noting down.'
Dolly's Career DO's:
DO Always be honest - don't let people think you know something when you don't. They'd always much rather you asked than pretended to know and then got it wrong.
DO Be ambitious - if your ideas don't work the first time there is generally another way. Don't give up.
DO Try the things you don't like - you never know what you might learn, who you might meet or what ideas might spring from it. It pays to be a bit brave.
Dolly's Career DON'Ts:
DON'T Assume you know the answer - collaborative thinking comes up with the best options.
DON'T Be complacent - there's always someone else who wants your job as much as you do.
DON'T Work all the time - it's hard to remember but you work better if you live life too.'
I was flicking through some old posts and began to adore vintage Vogue covers again, luckily they are relevant  (sort of) for this post :)










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Monday, 15 August 2011

Mini or Maxi?

I did plan this post ahead so after publishing it, spending 10 minutes looking for it, I realized I wasn't going mad. 
The post has was in my July archive 
(that's when I drafted it) ; this proves my lack of computing skills!

What is best Mini or Maxi skirt? While the maxi skirt is a a big current trend that can have so many effects a mini skirt is classic. But what do you think?

Above left: jacket, £140, Warehouse; bustier, £18, ASOS; skirt, £115, Coast; wedges, £80, Office

Above centre: top, £58, Cabbages & Roses; skirt, £45, Asos; headband, £7, Topshop; belt, £16, Dorothy Perkins; shoes, £100, Red or Dead at Schuh

Above right: top, £45, Jovonna; dress, £70, Urban Outfitters; sunglasses, £12.99, River Island; bag, £30, ASOS; sandals, £145, Ash 

I think the pink skirt would be great for colour blocking, the blue skirt alike but I'm not sure about the last one...

Above left: blazer, £34.99, River Island; T-shirt, £14.99, Miso at Republic; skirt, £32, Topshop; bag, £44, Urban Outfitters; socks, £5.25, Pamela Mann at My Tights; shoes, £45, Next

Above centre: shirt, £26, bra £12, both Topshop; skirt, £34.99, River Island; hat, £18, Next; wedges, £32, Chockers

Above right: dress, £70, Jovonna; fascinator, £32, Accessorize; shoes, £60, ASOS 

The last two are lovely but the first one isn't so great...

(Fabulous Magazine:

What's your fave?

Geek xx

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Friday, 12 August 2011

Extend your shopping list.

I saw these hot buys and had to share them with you...

 Above: 1 dress, £39.50, Marks & Spencer; 2 bag, £24.99, New Look
Above: 3 sunglasses, £80, Glassing at Harrods; 4 trousers, £18.99, Missguided; 5 necklace, £15, Topman 

Above: 6 playsuit with belt, £24.99, Missguided; 7 shoes, £35, Chockers 

Above: 8 shorts, £57, French Connection; 9 top, £6.99, New Look; 10 jacket, £40, Misticon

(Fabulous Magazine:

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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Pack your suitcase...

Well well well, summer is here (FINALLY) so I'm sure plenty of you are jetting of to paradise or going down to the seaside. Like me :) Here is some inspiration, for wherever your going...

Beijing temple stroll :
Above: 1 cuff, £12.99, River Island ; 2 scarf, £75, Biba at House of Fraser; 3 Wedges, £32,; 4 necklace, £12.99, River Island  5 jumpsuit, £59, Marks & Spencer 

Shopping in Croatia:

Above: 1 dress, with belt, £15, Primark ; 2 sandals, £14, Matalan ; 3 hat, £39, American Apparel ; 4 bag, £15.99, New Look 

USA road trip:

Above: 1 jeans, £45, Topshop ; 2 necklace, £3.99, New Look ; 3 boots, £50, New Look ; 4 top, £8.99, River Island ; 5 sunglasses, £2, Primark ; 6 visor, £2.50, Primark 

Cornwall chill out :

Above: 1 hat, £18, Dorothy Perkins ; 2 necklace, £14.50,; 3 sunglasses, £16, Topshop; 4 wedges, £75, Red or Dead at Schuh ; 5 dress, £45, Urban Outfitters ; 6 bag, £28, Warehouse 

Brazilian party:

Above: 1 bag, £32,; 2 top, £5, Primark ; 3 Wedges, £30,; 4 bangles, £2 each, Primark ; 5 skirt, £14, Primark

Hawaiian hols:

Above: 1 hat, £16.99, River Island ; 2 heels, £18, Primark ; 3 bag, £35, White Stuff ; 4 playsuit, £60,; 5 bangle, £8.50, Diva at Miss Selfridge 

(Fabulous Magazine:

 I'm away now for the next week, will miss you,
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