Chic Geek Blogger 2012!

Hello!!! I hope you all had a very happy new year? 

It is now 2012, I have nearly been blogging for a year (omg) 

So what lies ahead for Chic Geek?

-I have many exciting articles to share with you

-I hope to receive more traffic (any tips?)

-Hopefully I will do a blog exchange

-I will celebrate my first full year of blogging

-I want to unveil a new Chic Geek website!

- Lastly for a bit of fun I want to send fan mail to my fashion icons in the hope that they will look at my blog :O

In order for 'Chic Geek' to become a better blog I'm asking you for any constructive criticism, plus one thing that you already like about my blog?

Geek xx

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P.S; I'm selling my vintage Levi shorts I have never worn them because they are too big.
I'm hoping for £20 for them 
They are about a UK 8 or 10
Please mention them in your comment if you are interested or email me


  1. In this new year 2012 i wish you continue doing this excellent job with every post.

  2. Great idea about sending fan mail to your fashion icons! I go to Independent Fashion Bloggers ( for lots of tips about fashion blogging. Def check it out! I love your blog so I don't have anything critical to say about it. But I notice you have your facebook page address written and not linked (maybe change it to a link, or get a badge from Facebook?) That may just make it a bit neater. Oops sorry for the essay in here xx

  3. Happy New Year, honey!I wish you all the best in 2012!

  4. Happy New Year!


  5. i love your header:)


Thanks for all your lovely comments they make me smile :)

If you have any question email me;

{Any hate or innapropriate language will be deleted}

Geek xx :)


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