My interview with fashion editor Poppy from Boticca

‘Boticca is the online boutique for unique jewelry and fashion accessories by top emerging designers from around the world.

The marketplace is curated and edited by a team of fashion experts, designers, stylists, editors, bloggers and collectors, who illustrate the culture, stories and inspiration behind the collections on the site.

Boticca was born out of an inspired moment when one of our founders discovered a rare find in the bustling Medina of Marrakesh, and realized that such unique design talent was almost impossible to find.

So we created a website that makes it easier and more enjoyable for customers to discover high-quality, distinct jewelry, bags and accessories with a meaningful story.

Our team scours the world looking for the very best emerging designers and puts them all in one place, so that everyone can experience the joy of that rare find and discover the unique stories of these fascinating people and their pieces.’

My Interview with poppy

I’m going to do the childish, cliché questions first haha;
Where are you from? I am from England, born and raised in London.
How long have you been a fashion editor for? I have been working in fashion for most of my working life. I started as a stylist for Topshop and moved into editorial 6 years ago. As a Fashion Editor I get the best of both worlds: I get to make pages and people look pretty and then talk about the beautiful pieces I love.

 'I started as a stylist for Topshop'

What did you want to be when you were growing up? Did you always want to have a career in the fashion industry? I come from a very fashion orientated family. My grandmother worked for Vogue Italia and my mother has always been obsessed with vintage clothes and fabrics so a career in fashion always seemed inevitable really! When I was about 24 I decided to leave fashion for a year and see what else there was out there for me as it was all I had been doing since I left university. That phase only lasted for about 6 months though as I missed the creativity and excitement of fashion too much.

'My grandmother worked for Vogue Italia'

What is your favourite colour and why? Gosh, that’s something I’ve never actually thought about. I’m not really sure I have one but if I had to pin it down it would be mint green I guess. It looks great on all skin tones and is such an elegant color. Thinking about it yes, it is my favourite colour, I did paint my wardrobe room mint green after all.
Favourite Movie? The Princess Bride. I must have watched it for the first time 15 years ago but still find it every bit as hilarious, plus it reminds me of Christmas time with my brother.
Favourite Book? Any Miss Marple mystery by Agatha Christie. I am so obsessed with Miss Marple I am contemplating naming my daughter after her (when I have one that is).
Favourite Band? Florence and the Machine. Wonderful, addictive tunes. Plus the music reminds me of getting ready to go out when I lived in Dubai and of my lovely friend Scarlett who looks a lot like Florence.

How is boticca different to any other accessories website? Boticca is wildly different as it is not only a website solely for emerging design talent but it acts as a marketplace for said talent. Each designer gets to choose their pricing, upload their images, as if it were their own website. The team here at Boticca are always on hand to help with anything they may need but effectively they call the shots and that is unique.

'Boticca is wildly different'

What advice would you give to aspiring fashion editors?  You won’t get anywhere in fashion unless you are prepared to work hard, and I mean work really hard. When I started in fashion, I was working all day and then all night to put a portfolio together and getting paid minimum wage. It was hard and I hated it at times but hard work always gets noticed. Another key piece of advice is not to give up. You might send out 100 CVs and call 100 agents but eventually you will get somewhere and all your hard work and perseverance will be worth it in the end.

What are your inspiration recourses? I read a lot of blogs like the manrepeller, blonde salad etc and look at a lot of street style shots. My husband travels a lot for work so the poor thing always comes back laden down with fashion magazines at my request. I also love talking about films and theatre and art with my friends and seeing what they are wearing/what they are doing style wise. I have a very eclectic bunch of friends so that always keeps me on my feet fashion wise.

'You won’t get anywhere in fashion unless you are prepared to work hard, and I mean work really hard.'

Who are your favourite designers? In terms of mainstream it has to be the genius that is Tom Ford. He is one of the main reasons I wanted to work in fashion. In terms of Boticca, I am addicted to Jolita Jewellery. As a self-confessed magpie, his sparkly treasures are both beautiful and daringly different. When it comes to bags I love the work of barbaraboner. Her bags are true masterpieces.
Who are your style icons? My Grandmother is my ultimate style icon. I have this lasting image of her in lovely silks, big furs and even bigger sunglasses. She always, always got it right and never looked like she even tried. Apart from that, the beautiful and kooky Nicole Richie is my ultimate modern day style icon.

What hobbies do you have? I have a beautiful little French Bulldog called Coco (after Chanel of course) so I spend a lot of time taking her for walks and to doggy play dates. No joke, Coco is a very sociable dog! Apart from that, just the usual, spending time with my friends and family and shopping. For the past few months I’ve been promising to sort out my wardrobe room and actually have a good clear out, maybe I will actually manage it this year!

What does your day as boticca’s fashion editor involve? Gosh, well the thing I do love about my job really is that no two days are ever the same so you never know in the morning what the day will bring. My day ranges from writing features for the website, doing wonderful interviews such as this, interviewing our lovely designers for features on the site and writing style pages. The thing I love about Boticca is that there is always something new being discovered so you are constantly being amazed!

Love Poppy x (Poppy Skinner, fashion editor at

Boticca has become a globally recognized website featuring in;
Vogue,Glamour,InStyle, ELLE and the BBC.

Not only that, it has been favored by the stars;

Eva Longoria

 Olivia Palermo

 Cameron Diaz

 Pixie Lott

 Florence Welsh

Kate Moss

Cheryl Cole

Victoria Beckham

Jessie J

Alesha Dixon
'Visit Boticca to view the complete collection of fashion accessories by independent designers, from ear cuffs and pearl rings, to messenger bags and silk scarves.' 

Chic Geek’s say;

The website is brilliant, it has something for everyone; elegant to fierce, vintage or modern. Best of all? Every piece screams unique-ness, leaving your imagination to guess its story.

It is a great site to be involved with and I am honored that they got in touch.

Geek xx

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