The Brits 2012 : Celebrity Style Paparazzii!

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Congratulations to everyone who won an award

I'm siding with Adele after she was cut off without saying an acceptance speech- she is a fantastic artist that deserved every award she has won so far this year so this is from her to all those who ruined it for her:

Chic Geeks best dressed award goes to... Caroline Flack


^ Chic Geeks Best dressed award ^

Who would you give a best dressed award to?

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  1. love Lana del Ray and Alexa Chung!

  2. Love so many of these celebs outfits :) I hope you will follow my blog

  3. I loved adele at the brit wards!

  4. I love Flo but wish Adele had chosen something more age appropriate. She looks kind of blah there.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog doll!


  5. I'm obsessed with Audrey, love your header btw!


  6. Great post! I love Adele, I think she's a amazing woman!
    Love your blog dear, keep posting!

  7. Nice post
    Love their looks

    Follow each other?


  8. I love their outfits :) New follower!

    Simply Being Me


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