The Grammys 2012 : Celebrity Style Paparazzii!

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At this point I would like to say R.I.P Whitney Houston; a music legend.

Congratulations to Adele who scooped 6 awards

Chic Geeks best dressed award goes to... Carrie Underwood

^ Chic Geeks Best dressed award ^

What would you have worn to this glam-tastic event? 

(Source of pictures: here)


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I'm hoping for £20 for them
They are about a UK 8 or 10
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  1. Adele and Rihanna look fabulous!

  2. Rihanna looks amazing!

  3. Sooo, I gotta say, I really enjoy the photos - so much fun! And also, your blog is gorgeous. xx


  4. I love this post!!! nice recopilation!!
    I really love Taylor's dress! so amazing!!!

    xoxo from:

  5. Hi Jessica, thanks for the comment on my blog I hope my readers are gonna notice your trunk show and look at it :). I like the denim bits...
    I would wear something like Rihanna with just a tiny bit more coverage though :)


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