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Everybody loves denim; my written piece

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Forget diamonds, a favorite pair of jeans is a girls best friend! Not only are they super trendy for this summer they are also the ultimate wardrobe staple.
Spare a thought for your every day outfit for a moment; a leather jacket? A t-shirt? A pair of sneakers? And to complete it- your favorite, been through a lot together, tried and tested jeans.
make them glamorous or dress them down. 
They are a trend on  the catwalk and the street; they define fashion
I can be almost 100% sue that this SS12 every fashion lover, whatever their age, race, size, sex or style will own & love jeans. Literally everyone can wear and work jeans.
They are a style classic much loved by fashion. Like the t-shirt, the trench coat, the stiletto and the white shirt- 
We all know that without these fantastic trousers we would be stressed out x10 more than usual. But what I as Chic Geek wanted to know was how do they stay in fashion year after year season after season?
How can one pair sell for £10 and another for £10,00?

It isn't only the most democratic fabric in the world it is also the most expensive. But where did denim come from?

In the 1600's it was used as workmen's fabric. In the 50's it was adapted by rebellious teenagers and was even banned in some schools by 1955.
Marilyn Monroe then made jeans fashionable for women after wearing them in 1962. They then became a constantly reworked symbol of youth. Calvin Klein however sealed the designer future for jeans in 1980. Fast forward to 2007 and denim was valued at £32 billion! By next year? It is expected to be worth £35 billion.

Over the past 5 years we have seen; boyfriend jeans, 70's mum jeans, jeggings, double denim, skinny jeans, rock jeans and pocket revealing denim cut off shorts. 

''Like coca-cola in the summer, it just feels good''


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  3. From the 60s to present, it's funny how jeans have remained a popular clothing item in our wardrobes.

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  7. i am so obsessed with the americana denim shorts

  8. lovely writing, and I agree that "everybody love denim"

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