Marni At H&M SS12

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So the collection came in to selected stores and online today! WOW! I bet there were some cat fights over the last garments. This collection is simply fantastic, chic and detailed. In fact I would go as far as to say one of H &M's best collections ever. 

The collection was bound to sell out in seconds from the moment 'affordable designer clothing' popped up everywhere. Yes every fashionista was sent in to a frenzy. I personally didn't get my hands on anything did you?

Over the course of your blogging week you are likely to see loads of posts like this and although I try to keep my posts unique; this collection makes a one off.

Enjoy my picks from the hundreds splashed all over the internet...

(various newspapers)


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P.S; I'm selling my vintage Levi shorts I have never worn them because they are too big.
I'm hoping for £20 for them 
They are about a UK 8 or 10
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  1. Those shorts <3 I need those, paired with a plain white silk tee - summer uniform. xx

  2. Those pieces are simply stunning. I love the polka dots.

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  4. Loving all the polka dot prints and detachable collars so so much! Amazing.


  5. Hi dear! Nice post :)

    I hope you like and also follow my blog! I'm waiting for your comments :)

  6. I absolutely love this collection as well! All the pieces are so on trend and high fashion and ahhh-mazing

  7. Love it! Great post!

  8. beautiful post! How did you find out about this?! So cool! Thanks for your comment lovely. I'm your new follower. Please come back soon :)

    Passports & Prada


  9. I don't like too much this collection for H&M, I only like the accesories and the shoes, but I love too much your blog!xx


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