Celebrity Style Paparazzi: The British Soap Awards 2012

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So, The British Soap Awards was last week. What did you think? 

These looks are only a small selection;- there were loads and loads; I picked out the best!!

I apologise to all my worldwide readers in advance because all of these actresses are from British soaps so you might not know them, BUT do let me know what you think of their red carpet outfit choice!!

I am trying something new with this Celebrity Style Paparazzi post. I will be rating each look out of ten, please let me know what you think!

*All the description/comments/marks out of ten are for the pictures above*

^I love this gown, it reminds me of the night sky. It is styled perfectly but the bag is a bit of a miss: 9/10^

^The lace is just gorgeous; the leather look sleeves are a unique detail that make it more interesting. The pop of color from the clutch is sooooo this season! 9/10^

^A bit of Angelina Jolie leg going on here. The color of the dress is fabulous but its nothing special despite the clutch looking brilliant: 6/10^

^Isn't the pastel purple just soo cute? The top detail makes the dress 10x more interesting. An elegant approach: 7/10^

^Chic and simple. Minimalism at its best, but given the opportunity to walk the red carpet I would deffo go for something more glamorous: 6/10^

^This is so elegant all the diamond details are sooooo pretty:7/10^

^Was she trying camouflage? Red and gold go great together but she looks more like a chameleon: 5/10^

^Did you see my OPI teams up with Minnie mouse post? Well I think she looks like a walking advertisement for it- how much is she getting paid?! Super cute though: 6/10'

^She looks so fierce here- the gold shoulder pads are fantastic, simple but effective: 7/10^

^Awww. The polka dot dress is just adorable, the shoes remind me of the wizard of oz and the socks look like they directly came from one of Topshop's summer collection displays: 7/10^

^The silver waist detail is effortless, a great Little Black Dress. But a gold clutch? She should have stuck with silver: 8/10^

^One of my favorite actresses of the whole event. She will always look better with blonde hair but she does look gorgeous here: 7/10^

^More Angelina Jolie leg? The whole look is lovely but the leg is annoying: 9/10'

^Such a cute prom look but is it a bit too much? It may be heading for the Big fat Gypsy look: 6/10^

^Fantastic gown. The color is just lovely, the whole look is styled perfectly: 8/10^

^This looks like what Katy Perry wore but a bit more suitable for the soap awards: 8/10'

^Sparkles everywhere!!! So glamorous: 9/10^

^This color emphasizes her hair color so much it is so gorgeous, for some reason it reminds me of confessions of a shopaholic^

^More sparkles, there is an evident trend here:7/10^

^I love this clutch it is so my thing, but more red?: 6/10^

^A classic black dress but with lots of detail: 7/10^

(Source: here)

STAY TUNED! There will be more Celebrity Style Paparazzi later this week :)


Geek xx

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  1. Such gorgeous dresses! Love all the sparkles <3

    Love from the NaNa girls xoxo

  2. gorgeous picks, lots of lovely ladies there <3 would you like to follow each other?

  3. love this dresses and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  4. i really like this post

    new post - new jewelry♥mfashionfreak

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog <3

  5. My favorites: The second one and that black with the golden shoulder pads.

    I hate: The pink one with dots...

    Great post!


  6. i totally agree with you! i really like the green one and the one before it!

    xoxo, andie
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  7. All that outfits are beautiful !! Nice selection ;)

  8. So many great looks & colors!


  9. I didn't know anything about that. My favourite dresses: 1, 3 and 17.

  10. love those drapery dresses~

    thanks for visiting my blog and left me a comment :)

    the STYLE Fringe BLOG

  11. thanks so much for your comment love xx
    this is such a nice post, i like many of those gowns:)


  12. Great dresses!


  13. all those looks are stunning !



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  14. Love those outfits!!! so chic:)

  15. I love the sparkling dress! looks so gorgeous!

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