Celebrity Style Paparazzi: The Met Ball coverage- with a twist...

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So its basically impossible for any fashionista to not have already read about the Met awards fashion coverage and I'm a bit late to post about it too. Sorry guys. I have however always tried to offer my readers something different so rather than covering the outfits I'm opting for hair and makeup.

Killing two birds with one stone right? From my Poll I have found a big demand for Hair and beauty posts so this way Chic geek cant be wrong?!

I am trying the new thing with this Celebrity Style Paparazzi post, that was also on my other post. I will be rating each look out of ten, please let me know what you think!

*All the description/comments/marks out of ten are for the pictures above*

There were so many famous faces to catch and pull together in to one post so I picked out my personal favorites & those which I think make the best of this years trends! Enjoy;

^ The gold complements the smokey eyes and dusky lipstick lovely 7/10 ^

^ So elegant, very minimal, maybe a pink lipstick would have looked better? 6/10 ^

^ I love the color of the lipstick and her hair is so chic! 8/10 ^

^ Beyonce's hair looks lush, her make up is toned down which (if you've seen the dress) is perfect ^

 ^ I love the bun, it is so sophisticated! The eye make up is gorgeous and all pulled together she looked great! 9/10 ^

^ The make up is perfect, but I'm not so sure about the hair. What do you think? 7/10 ^

^ NO, no, no. Too much in one go 3/10 ^

^ Alexa as you already know is one of my fashion icons but I will not be biased; although she does look great! More glamour maybe? 9/10 ^

^ Very pretty but the lipstick takes attentions away from the detail of the dress 7/10 ^ 

^ Lana Del Ray is great but do you think the Gothic thing has just masked her natural features? 6/10 ^

^ Such a pretty look, the eye make up is minimal and the dress still keeps your attention 7/10  ^

(Source: here)



Geek xx

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  1. These are great photos! Jessica Alba looks amazing as always :)


  2. I love that picture !
    Alexa looks amazing and natural like always.
    I'm a little disappointed from Lana Del Rey looks...

  3. loved Lana & Beyonce's makeup
    Lana's dark lip is my fav color right now
    and Beyonce looked great with a minimum amount of makeup
    great feature, everyone looks gorgeous


  4. cool blog! :) check out mine?
    leave a comment on mine if you like! x

  5. Ah, I love all of them! They each have their own appeal! X

  6. Beautiful post, Jessica Alba is fabulous ;)

  7. beauiful!!!

    DIY and more:

  8. argon's makeup looked best! btw, I'm having a 100+ Follower Urban Decay Giveaway! I hope you enter :)


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