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I have posted loads about pastels already but they are a HUGE trend this year and I even think they will become a summer fashion staple eventually. So rather than boring you with similar posts I found this editorial that is just sooo cute. The model looks like something from a doll house and all of the outfits are pastel ready- fabulous!!

All of the clothes are fantastic and the girly element gives a 50's/60's twist to it. So that's 3 trends? Oooh wait, there are prints, lace and clashing too! So 6 trends in one editorial and 7 outfits; phenomenal. One of my favorite editorials of this year by far!!

(Source: here)

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  1. Thank you for your comment:)
    love the first jacket nd dooted dress!!

    DIY's and more:

  2. I love these photos!

  3. Pictures are fabulous !! :)

  4. These images are so beautiful! Thanks for posting them! :)

  5. Great editorial, I love the vintage styling and mood!

    xx Raez

  6. love these vintage looks
    I like how more fashion publications have been featuring new collections in classic ways
    great feature!

  7. very nice post :))


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