Rihanna's Second Armani Collection

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So Rihanna's second collection for Armani has been unveiled. I honestly didn't even know she had a first collection (woops!) Although I love the denim shorts and the drawings I cant say that I'm overly impressed with the collection... What do you think?

What do you think?

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Geek xx

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  1. like the denim jumpsuit!

    Check out my new outfit post!
    Dress Up For Armageddon

  2. It's an amazing collection :)

  3. I didn't know she had a first collection either! Personally I prefer the illustrations to the final products, although those turned up shorts are lovely!

  4. don't know! it's not my style i mean it is not weird or something that make me scream "WOW great colors..great models..ecc" it is something that we already see!

    Syriously in Fashion
    Syriously Facebook Page

  5. wow all these shots are so stunning! i never knew Rihanna had designed a collection. she definitely has a somewhat interesting style haha. congrats on hitting that many followers!




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