G21: Get your festival on- summer ready

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Gosh the weather has been terrible here in England and we are expected to have rain for the rest of the month. #sarcasticyay!

On the brighter side I break up for summer in 4 weeks... can. not. wait!

That means lazy days in, trips out, lots of shopping and even more blogging!

For a lucky few there are also a few festivals going on so whether you've got tickets or not, here is G21's festival collection- it's perfect!

Also, I have seen lots more blogs closing their post with a song so here is the song that has been stuck in my head all day: 
Katy Perry- Waking up in Vegas... should have put your money where your mouth is, that's what you get for waking up in Vegas [...] shake shake shake shake the glitter!!

Which is your favorite Katy Perry song? Are you going to any festivals this summer?

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  1. We are having lovely weather right here in Mumbai, for a change. I have a glass facade office and it's raining right now, so awesome!

    Will definitely vote in the poll, and hope your exams go real well.

  2. love the 3rd top
    it's so cute


  3. Hi,I love your blog :)Come to me and see may new blog :)



  4. i love the pants., so cute! would you like to follow each other?:)


  5. Love that floral skinnies, star dress and strawberry dress!
    amazing blog!keep posting!
    xo, L.
    PS I'm followin' you, so, yeah.


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