George at ASDA: 'mix and match bold color with stand out prints'

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Have you seen George at ASDA's newest collection? Its fabulous!

The collection is very summery, bold and has plenty of statement pieces: 'mix and match bold color with stand out prints'

You can easily create a casual, dressed up or understated outfit all for a reasonable price.
I think that is one of the main reasons I support supermarket brands. Same trends, same style (or sometimes better) - but a better price. As they say 'fashion is temporary style is eternal'- why splash out on clothes that only 'stay in' for a season when your style lasts and develops forever? Pulling together what you think looks great and wearing it with confidence is what pushes you to success in the fashion industry. Trends are just guidance.

Anyway, for my international readers/followers or for those who have not yet seen the TV adverts for this brill collection here they are;

I think the advert is faultless. A hip song for a totally rad collection- it makes perfect sense!

Here are my favorites from the collection:

Agree or disagree?

(Source: here)

I have 3 weeks of exams starting today :( so comments will not be daily; sorry!


Geek xx

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  1. Loving the prints and lengths of the tops! nice!

  2. I love the black top!


  3. hi i make a blog presentation :D
    Bei mir läuft eine Blogvorstellung ♥ würde mich freuen wenn du mitmachst! :)

  4. Love the advert... very very chic... Hope you do well in your exams... Take care...


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