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Okay so this is the post I have scheduled so sorry if anything has gone wrong; Im currently in Portugal somewhere eating ice cream under the glistening sun!

Anyway this is Miss Guided's new collection its so rad! I love the scarf print shorts (but I will let you in to a little secret- you can get even nicer ones from Matalan for half the price at only £6 omg!) I also think the pastel block shirt and animal print shorts are gorgeous! What do you like?

I'm not sure about the skirt below however it looks a bit cheap but the pattern is fabulous :)

(Source: here)

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Geek xx

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  1. Love all of these items, but PARTICULARLY all of the shorts. I'm a sucker for shorts!


  2. Love the denim and the pastel blouse!

    New outfit post on my blog
    Dress Up For Armageddon

  3. So usually I don't like all the pics someone posts on their blog about their fave items, but you truly nailed it here. I am dying over everything. Especially those blue heels and embellished aztec print shorts, + everything else!!

    P.S. I saw your comment about wanting to be a part of the mag: you have a chance! Go to http://atelierindigomag.com/ and find the part where it says contributors and email Kelsey about contributing! Would love to see you become a part.



  4. we love it!!!!

    DIY and more:

  5. I think I might need that denim shirt!



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