Nasty Gal, this is crazy but your shoes are lovely make them free maybe?

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Did you like what I did with the title? 'Nasty Gal, this is crazy but your shoes are lovely make them free maybe?' Tehe! I have had this song stuck in my head for aaagggeeesss. Its annoying but extremely popular and catchy!

Okay so I'd say about 95% of bloggers have already heard of nasty gal and add at least one of their garments to their lust list regularly.

I have been obsessed with their fierce shoes for a while now but have never got round to sharing my favorites with you; trust me, picking the best out of their huge selection is the most difficult post decision I have had in a while.

The only bad thing is; the price. I mean come on, who has £££'s to spend on one pair of shoes, I am so gutted that they are way out of my pocket money range but hopefully by my prom next year I will own a pair to wear ;)


^These are so original and perfect for summer!^

^Perfect for a casual look^

^ Apparently these are hard to walk in but if they are good enough for Ga-Ga they are good enough for me^

Comments and posts will resume back to normal soon xx

Song of the post; Cheryl Cole 'Call my name' me and my cousins were dancing to this today :p


Geek xx

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  1. Hi! New blogger here! Nice blog! Follow for follow, maybe? :)


  2. Cool extreme shoes :)!


    Enter my beauty giveaway sponsored by Schwarzkopf!

  3. Beautiful shoes! I love the creepers. Cant wait to see future posts from you x

  4. love the shoes!

  5. Aren't Jeffrey Campbell shoes the craziest?


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