Royal Ascot (crazy) hats

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Only a quick post, because I am revising for my last two exams!

Royal Ascot took place the other week. Did you see it? It got me thinking about crazy hats! There are some odd creations out there! Check out my craziest picks:

This for me is the worst out of all of them, whoever created the hat and the woman wearing it must have been out of their mind;

(Source: various including Facebook and Google)

Song of the post:
I found it hard to choose a song today, I have been listening to loads of genres recently. But it has to be
Ben Howard - Only Love, his voice is amazing


Geek xx

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  1. love it!so crazyy!
    I have a new post, so if you're either interested or bored, check it out!

  2. Lol! amazing.

    PS: I want to invite you to giveaway on my blog of 100$ in ROMWE. I wait for you!



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