Black and White: Back by popular demand- September post #12

Please read the short note I wrote to all you amazing people here if you haven't already!

The I phone 5 is due to launch today, who is looking forward to it?

I am so excited about future plans I have for Chic Geek, including an official website that will launch in 2013!!

1 day 'till London fashion week, who is excited? 

I am overwhelmed with the amount of emails I have been getting recently, I am so thank full to everyone who has supported my blog and has made it as successful as it is today :)


My very first black and white post was extremely popular with over 2500 views so by popular demand here is Black and white....

For one, black and white photography is timeless but is also in my eyes the best way to portray almost anything- it lets your imagination wander beyond the stars.

Get lost in this post of inspirational wonderland (cheesy? Yes. Very :) )


Lots of love, hugs and thanks from,

Geek xx

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Thanks for all your lovely comments they make me smile :)

If you have any question email me;

{Any hate or innapropriate language will be deleted}

Geek xx :)


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