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I was thrilled to be contacted to advertise for and even happier when the article was for men (it makes a change from all the women's clothes I post)

These 5 steps are the way forward for all men in choosing their perfect trainer and maybe us women should take a leaf out of their book for a change.

Five Steps To Choosing The Perfect Trainers For Men

Fashion is a highly personal thing and no two styles are never exactly the same. Even those who have similar tastes and preferences will find discrepancies within their wardrobes and even for fashion designers, developing a universal trend is a rare thing.

However, one item which has managed to meet this ambitious aim is the humble trainer. Not only do they have unisex appeal but they are also the only items guaranteed to be found in the possession of virtually every person of any age. 

When it comes to shopping for a new pair, there are plenty of considerations which need to be made – especially if mens trainers are involved. To help you on your way, here are five steps to choosing the perfect trainers for men:

Step one: Measure

Before you can even begin looking at possible shoes you need to make sure your feet have been accurately measured. This will help you target your search to trainers which are comfortable as well as stylish and it is important to remember that ill-fitting trainers can lead to problems and ailments with your feet.

Step two: Try

Even if you have your feet professionally measured it is important that you try on all trainers prior to buying them. This is because there are a range of different styles and shapes available, fitting feet in different ways. Always ensure the trainers you select offer a supportive fit with room for your feet to breathe and move when walking. 

Step three: Style

Once the fit has been considered, you can turn your attention to style. This will ultimately depend on personal preference with trainers available in both plain styles and bolder varieties. The former are best suited for those intending to wear them to formal occasions whilst the latter are perfect for those with a more youthful and extrovert approach to life and fashion.

Step four: Support

Depending on what you intend to wear your trainers, you will need different levels of support. Those who want athletic trainers to wear during sporting activities will want thicker cushioning and greater levels of arch support than those who intend to wear them for casual walking. 

Step five: Tread

This will also depend on the intended use of the trainers but all styles should come with a fairly decent tread. For sporting activities, trainers with greater grip are recommended whilst those wearing them for everyday purposes can get away with a lower quality tread.

Chic Geeks top 5 trainer picks


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