September Marathon Round up- posts 1-30

I have been using my instagram more, are you proud? haha.

Loving tumblr at the moment- make sure you send me your links- I follow all!

Also Let me know if you are interested in being interviewed or want to guest blog; I am planning posts for October :)

Any advice on fashion college courses or apprentiships. Or general advice on becoming a fashion journalist is greatly appreciated!

Oh ans thank you for all the support during the September marathon


So, yeah. Basically this is a round up of all the September marathon posts- let me know which was your fave :)



Geek xx

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  1. All of them were great posts!! ;)

  2. great post! I love instagram and tumblr haha. mine is if you'd like to check it out :)


  3. totally maratonified: you've done some fab posts and I'm curious for reading them

    *MlleWanderlust *

  4. Fun, simple, lovely and so great was my experience here.

  5. Looks fantastic, and I love your blog! visit your sweet post and do comment my lattest post , would be great to follow me back ! FOLLOW :) xx

    Click the Follow link here :

  6. Best wishes for you to keep working on this blog so nice.


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