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Hello you fabulous people!

This week was my induction at college. It was so fun, we customized t-shirts and had lots of time to get to know each other. I am very tired now because the days are much longer than school and I have been working too.. I get paid in the next few days which is exciting... look out for a post about what I bought!

Alexa Chung released her book this week too 'IT'. My auntie pre-ordered it for me a few weeks back and I got it today, it shall be my bus book (the book I cant resist reading till I get home, so I carry it with me).  Alexa stated at her launch that it is not an autobiography or a style bible. It is instead a collection of photographs, illustrations and observations by whom I class as a style icon.

Alexa looked fabulous in this chic ensmemble that made her book stand out perfectly as an accessorie.

This is my copy of the book featuring one of the very pretty bohemian elephant candles my cousins bought me.

Stay tuned for a review of Alexas book, a 'what I spent my wages on' and possibly an outfit post.

I apologize for the short posts, but my hard work over the next two years will hopefully land me in London for university!


Geek xx

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Geek xx :)


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