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I have found possibly the best fashion tumblr on the planet. It's fresh, full of posts and super creative.

Bianca, a 21 year old fashion design student from Milan is behind this blog (her personal blog is here) is complete genius, she puts together fashion images and anything and everything that lets off the same presence.

The blogs about section is very brief but reads:

This blog is about fashion and everything that inspires it, such as art, design, nature, photography & many more. I like to pick beautiful fashion related pictures and match them with photos that I find related to them for different reasons, for instance colours, shapes, sensations, concept.

I really like how Bianca picks out images, some of them, at a first glance have very little resemblance to the fashion image while others look like a magnified version of it. 

She's almost playing a giant game of snap, but she has unlimited cards and thousands of spectators. 

So far the blog has had more than 23,000 visits and her posts always reach over 100 notes, I really do hope her blog progresses and she continues to post. I recommend everyone gives her a follow, every post is literally hard not to reblog.

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  1. Thank you so much for this! I'm so glad you like my blog xx


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