Clueless: My current style obsession

Up until about 2 months ago I had never heard of the film 'Clueless'.
Turns out I have the same style as them, totally 90's.
I'm hooked on mini skirts, tartan and scrunchies.

The film is pretty pointless, it doesn't have a single message in it for the viewer but holy moly the outfits are great. In fact, its quite similar to 'Mean Girls' except not so mean and better dressed.

Its all about tartan, very girly shapes, a-line skirts (very short ones), over the knee socks, fluffy jumpers and deep colours.

^ I love this outfit ^

OMG they are wearing pastels, even more relevant to this years trends.

 Yes. They are 'mom jeans'  you can grab a pair of these from pretty much anywhere now, they are high waisted 90's style jeans that look great with crop tops.
There are a selection available in 'Topshop'

'Wildfox' based their 2013 spring collection on the film, seems they were far ahead of the game:

Wildfox Spring 2013 Lookbook Clueless


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