Feminism: the front line

Feminism, or being a feminist, is a massive part of all women's lives; whether they consider it to be or not. Since the stars collided and this wonderful planet came to be, the human genders have been widely separated in their roles. For all of you reading this, its further back than you can imagine, when women could not work, could not vote, could not say no or be free to dress as they wished. We are more privileged than we feel, compared to our ancestors. 

Although there is progress, there is still not total equality anywhere on the planet.

 I consider myself a feminist. Before this gets mis-interpreted, I do not hate men. I love men, as much as I love women. I love the human race. Similarly, I one day want to be able to love the society we live in, but for me, equality has to be created first.

Many women, especially of my age group, do not like to class themselves as part of the feminist movement. This is because it is associated with attempts and suggestions of female domination, hating of men and general hating, although they are among the minority of feminist actions.

Feminism, by definition is a movement that strives for the equality of the sexes.

But mis-communications in education, social networking and the media, the very word fuels divides more than just the sexes on the subject.

Recently, it has become a massive talking point in day to day life, whether on the bus, in the classroom or across the world wide web. Many women have turned on the movement and are now declaring they do not need feminism. This, deeply saddens me beyond belief.
(check out this blog, for more of an insight: here )

This new phenomenon of anti-feminism proves how distorted the movement has become. People are forgetting that women, less than 100 years ago, were physically restrained in prison cells, being force fed, to achieve your right to vote.

It degrades the power it has given women to access a rape crisis center, or stand up for their right not to be raped by their partner, which was legal until 1993, when some of you were already roaming the earth.

Are we forgetting that without feminism, women could not own property, file for divorce, access birth control, work outside the family home, report sexual harassment in the work place or domestic violence at home?

More importantly are we only looking at the equality we have achieved personally, not at the equality many women still go without across other parts of the world?

In all aspects of society, I feel like we are starting to go backwards. Without flooding your ears, all you have to do is scroll through vines and see how acceptable its becoming again to segregate people by their races and sexes. 

How can we teach the planets children to treat people equally, when there is no proof of us doing it ourselves?

This is where I turn to fashion, something I have always found comfort in. It enables us to express ourselves in the easiest way identified; through the eyes. But there is so much more behind it. Without the movement, I would not be able to wear my short sleeved top and jeans, let alone my trainers outside of the house.

The fashion industry is widely dominated by women and is very accepting of men. Its a part of everyone's daily lives and influences more than what many people deem to think. 

Recently people's views on feminism have become a forefront in the global news for many reasons:

Keira Knightley. Photo: Getty Images.

3. Emma Watsons UN speech : this is my personal favorite, there is a lot of meaning and build up behind this speech and it has made a massive impact in all respects. 

Embedded image permalink
5. Celebrity nudes are leaked on to the imageboard 4chan including Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Kim Kardashian and Vanessa Hudgens. 

Embedded image permalink

6. An article that grabbed my attention through re-tweets on twitter is that of the independent. A journalist slashes popular Youtuber Zoella and declares that she is not a role model. This is a prime example of how feminism is twisted. As a human you should chose your own role model.

7. David Cameron refuses to wear 'this is what a feminist looks like' T-shirt 

This is what a feminist looks like T-shirt

10. Twitter and feminsim:
Twitter is fast becoming the most powerful way to share your views. Its convinent, quick and public. Here is 31 tweets that prove it 

Do you consider yourself a feminist?

Happy reading,

Jess xx 


  1. It's a very interesting post darling.



  2. Love this post. I love all of the women who are at the forefront of feminism too. You are a great writer, and yes, I would definitely consider myself a feminist. Would you like to follow each other on GFC?! Let me know and follow me on my blog, I will follow you right back on both GFC and Bloglovin!

  3. Nice post!


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