How to winter your nails pretty

An under rated part of everyones appearance is their hands. Hands are one of the most useful parts of your body; for instance, they are probably how you found this article (with the aid of the internet and your eyes of course). Hands are also often romanticised- you can hold hands, stroke hands, grab, touch, tickle and let go with your hands. Equally, they are very strong and interestingly, your heart is the size of your clenched fist. Kind of powerful huh?

How to make your hands feel appreciated? Theres jewellery of course, but lets put your hands in your shoes (not literally guys, come on now) jewellery for your hands is like clothes for your body, you should wear them to look maybe more presentable but you'd much rather stay in your joggers. So a comfy way to make your hands more visually appealing? Treat your nails.

Its much easier in the summer, any colour goes and the sun helps your skin and nails stay radiant, no matter how bare.

But winter makes it all the more difficult for the fresh-bare- I don't care look.

If you are like me, nail polish is a no, its not appreciated at work and my hands on college work means even a Nokia mobile generated polish would crack.

So for me, this Julep tutorial on how to keep my nails winter proof is perfect; Julep is a company that sources high quality ingredients that actually work (not just with the aid of photoshop).

For all you lucky people who can spruce up their nails with coloured polish, here are some of my favourite shades from Julep:

Here are some more nail polish colours by Julep

How do you usually winterize your nails?

Hope you all have a lovely day,

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  1. This post is so relevant! My nails are already suffering from the winter cold! Smh. Thanks for sharing x

    Aniekeme for TFLA


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