Vocabulary: the 'Essence' of an article

The importance of vocabulary is so deep, I'm not even sure where to begin this article; sort of ironic, I know.

Whenever you read anything its the authors words that either grasp you or lose you in the process. This is what makes it so much more important than grammar, my goodness, you could use no punctuation but if you hold the reader with some strong adjectives and verbs you can pull it off.

Lets be honest, there's nothing worse than attempting to read something that loses you after a whole sentence of empty 5 letter words.

(Big words do not make you more intelligent, but they sure do make you seem it)

Despite making it through my dull secondary school education with two A grades at English GCSE, composing an article overspilling with interesting vocabulary is hard. The top tips I have learned are:
  • Avoid using the same word twice in one-three sentences, if it is obvious of course.
  • Elaborate on all descriptions, even if only using just one adjective
  • When it comes to adjectives be as creative as possible (swerve: big, small, good or bad unless its with reasonable purpose)
Something that can make written pieces more interesting is the use of other languages (especially as English is the easiest language to learn, apparently)

That in mind, an interesting thing I stumbled across this week is 'Wordstruck', it's a tumblr blog that posts words that can not be directly translated in to English with a close definition. 

Some of them are very adventurous, and of course will make no sense to most readers, but the gifs and art work that accompanies them on the blog will certainly look pretty to close an online blog article. Check them out:

See more on the Wordstruck  blog here

What do you think about these translations?

Jess xx 

"Bodyguards protect one of the six remaining last standing Northern White Rhinos."


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