Its reaching the end of the academic year *hurray*, with one more full day of lessons this week and then several fashion shows over the next coming week, I have finally finished my 2 years at college.
In just a few weeks time I will receive my final grades and start to make a concrete plan for university to start in September (currently my plan is to study Fashion business and Promotion at BCU)

Its been a hectic few months for me and its truly such a relief to be reaching my long (hopefully a little sunny) summer holiday.

So, in celebration I would like to share with you some exclusive pictures of my final major project... even before the exhibition gets set up

My collection is based around/designed for business women. I have used orange (it really is the new black) and grey as my main colour way and have made my garments to be practical and empowering. 

Stay tuned for more photographs...

Something I stumbled across this week:

Adam J. Kurtz,  graphic designer and artist based in NY, has created several GIFs that are great for calming you down after a long day’s work or getting you motivated for one ahead.

Each GIF is paired with an inspirational quote or mantra that Adam chose by asking his Twitter followers for suggestions.

More info/art : adamjkurtz.com

 I think these are really lovely and aesthetically pleasing, I hope they help with your day!


Jess xx 



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