The 1975: What is going on?

The 1975, if you didn't know them, you should by now.

For weeks the bands lead singer Matty Healy has been posting '1st June- The 1975' on his social media accounts, so crazy fans (like me) and endless music lovers have been anxiously waiting for an announcement.

But that, is just the tip of the iceberg. On the 31st of May, a day before the anticipated announcement, the band posted the following comic strip on their media accounts:

But then, they disappeared. They 'fell from the face of the earth' (modernly speaking of course, they only deleted their existence from the internet)

Frantically, the world went crazy, they became the third most talked about thing on the planet (again, according to twitter)

WHERE DID THEY GO? Who knows, but they are back again but this time all in pink... and its not even Wednesday.

As a huge fan myself I've followed all updates regarding the band and have found some interesting information.
sois jeune et tais toi - be young and shut up
(This is a translation from the comic strip)

The slogan of the “pink rebellion”: the Paris riots that took place when art students and the younger generation of Paris used art to rebel against the government, when they felt like they weren’t being heard. There were movies, music, books etc. 
They're returning in colour as opposed to their old black and white aesthetic, hence the use of pink which represents rebellion. It’s the start of the revolution.
The 1975 are so clever.

However, it is near impossible to know what is going on, is this all just a distraction? Are we all just desperate to find reasons from thin air? Or are the 1975 really wanting to start a young rebellion?

Watch this space planet Earth.


Jess xx


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