Adidas goes green!!

Adidas is making trainers from the oceans waste and illegal fishing nets!!

They have partnered up with a creative environment organisation names 'Parley For The Oceans' to create a concept shoe made almost entirely out of plastic waste and discarded fishnets taken from the sea. 

Not only are they recycling, the materials they are using came from 'The Sea Shepherds', an environmental activism organisation. 
They captured around 72km of illegal gillnets after tracking illegal poachers wanted by Interpol off the coast of West Africa for 110 days. 
When the poachers’ boat sank, the environmentalists saved them, too! 

The shoes’ top will be created with recycled plastics and actual green net fibers, while the base will use other sustainable materials. 

Adidas has been under the spotlight previously after Greenpeace accused the brand of environmental pollution.

These specific trainers still hang in the balance as to whether they will be made and sold.... but
Adidas plans to use the fibers retrieved in their products by early 2016

What do you think?


Jess xx 

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