How to pack for a music festival: the essential guide

Before even getting started on this article its important to mention... do not pack for a festival the night before and please save yourself the hassle and leave your clutch bag at home.

Packing your work/school bag each day and packing for a nice warm holiday abroad may seem like a stressful chore, but have you packed for a music festival? 
Are you a festival Virgin?
Ever thought about how condensation means wet socks in the morning?

Fasten your seat belts, I'm about to talk you through the essentials of living, (surviving) out of a rucksack in a giant wet, muddy or sunny field.

What bag to use:

This type of rucksack that is big enough for all your things and not to hard to carry (it's like a workout walking with it on your back regardless)

Take a bum bag to use during the day, they may not be the most trendy things but if your belongings are there on your hips (rucksacks are cool, but they are so big and aren't in your view, anyone could be opening it behind you) and easy to get to, being mugged is one less thing to worry about.

Make sure you pack:

One complete set of dry clothes packed in something completely waterproof - the cheapest and easiest thing for this is a clear sandwich bag like this one; it seals at the top and can be squashed down to fit in your bag 
You can grab some good ones from Ikea for about £5 that come in all sizes

A few  plastic bags for sitting on, standing on, keeping dirty clothes together, carrying food around or for trying to keep things dry (those ones with the little air holes at the bottom won't really work...)

Wet wipes (unless you're posh and have invested in a portable shower) and some antiseptic wipes,like they say in the hunger games, you can die from exposure (don't panic, just keep any cuts clean)

A little rain poncho, you'll probably want yourself a pac-a-mac that you can carry around with you

A small flashlight for finding your tent, friends, food, vodka or socks in the dark (yes, it is an absolute essential) 

Your mobile phone - for photographs, staying in touch with friends, letting your parents know the festival has not got the better of you and of course to let all your Facebook friends know you were a matter of steps away from Catfish and the Bottlemen.
//Don't worry, some phone companies will have booths for charging mobile phones at the larger festivals or you could get yourself a portable charger//

A plastic bottle for water, one that has a rope attached to go around your wrist would be wise for walking around and Eco friendly . There will be drinks for sale at all festivals but they will more than likely be over priced and require a ten minute queue. 

Enough money to keep you on your feet. Cash machines may be far away and come with a 20 minute boring queue and may even run out of money. Just don't bring so much cash you loose it and especially don't go flashing notes in peoples faces, you do not want to be pick pocketed

Sun cream, its just a basic, I can't imagine trying to sleep outside with peeling sunburn is very nice either

Microfibre towels are a good investment, they dry quick and you can buy ones that fold up almost as little as a mouse

Fleece blanket(s) a sleeping bag will not keep you warm, especially if the festival is here in the UK. Also, you would have to be crazy to carry a duvet.

Don't bother taking an umbrella, it will consume lots of room, probably break and you will feel so guilty if you almost poke someones eye out.

Dry shampoo/talcum powder, is it just me or is decent dry shampoo over priced? Anyway, another alternative is talcum powder, which you can also use on your body to soak up rain and leave you smelling better.

Portable phone charger either solar panelled/powered or one you can charge up before you leave, they are easy and cheap to find on Amazon.

Wellies/Boots; Check the forecast before you go, if it is going to be a stormy one take wellies but if it looks dry just take something like Dr Martens as a precaution (they look cute with sundresses too).

Toilet roll... for the obvious and for blowing your nose, clearing up spilt drinks, drying your hands, and wrapping up snacks to save.

A flat portable mirror to check yourself out in, it'd be a bit silly to take all your cosmetics only to find out the great outdoors doesn't actually grow mirrors out of the ground.

Dry snacks (they'll soak up the alcohol too people) all the food may smell and look good but eating like sh*t will soon make you feel like sh*t, take some bananas, breakfast bars, healthy crisps and biscuits.

A clash finder, you can find these online and they will save you up to £25, they detail who and where acts are playing and which ones clash, print one for free and keep it in your back pocket.

Do you have any tips for festival packing?

Jess xx


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Kala and Keira, two shelter dogs who were hours from certain death by euthanization, proved that hugs can save lives. 
Two hours and six minutes after a photo of Kala hugging her friend was posted on Facebook, they found a foster home willing to take them in and save them from certain death. Their photo was shared by Angels Among Us, a pet rescue in Georgia that saves dogs and cats from other high-kill shelters in the rest of the state. 
Along with their heartfelt plea, their photo sent a powerful message: these dogs, and many others just like them, need your help!


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