1960's: Highschool inspiration

In 1969, LIFE Magazine decided to photograph the fashions that American high schoolers across the country were wearing, which is more than convenient this year as all the 60's and 70's trend return to both the catwalk and the high street, not sure what those trends are? 

Heres some real inspiration:


• Animal prints were also popular for women in the autumn and winter of 1969.  

• Long maxi coats, often belted and lined in sheepskin, appeared at the close of the decade.

  • People were dressing in psychedelic prints, highlighter colors, and mismatched patterns. 

  • The hippie movement late in the decade also exerted a strong influence on ladies' clothing styles, including bell-bottom jeans, tie-dye, and batik fabrics, as well as paisley prints.

  •  Mary Quant invented the mini-skirt, and Jackie Kennedy introduced the pillbox hat, both becoming extremely popular. 

  •  Designers were producing clothing more suitable for young adults, which led to an increase in interest and sales.   

• Women's shirts often had transparent sleeves.

• Fringed buck-skin vests, flowing caftans, the "lounging" or "hostess" pajamas. These consisted of a tunic top over floor-length culottes, and were usually made of polyester or chiffon.


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It's actually my 18th Birthday today, I feel so old thinking back to how long ago it was I started this blog...


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