Denim skirts: how to wear them all year round

The A-line denim skirt, if you've not seen it everywhere already, is a current staple.
Some are buttoned down, zipped up or super  high waisted. 
The garment mostly ties in with the current 60s/70s trend and is something that looks like it will be sticking around.

But not to complain, they are versatile, comfy and looks super cute!

How to style them?

A good weather summer barbecue:

A winter day: also a cute student look

 A club scene:

 A day-to-day look... this is the denim skirt I've invested in ;)

Where to buy them?

Celeb inspiration: Alexa Chung, she styles her skirt with a lace blouse and grandad grey cardigan (dressed for however the weather shapes up) and some heeled t bar shoes: simple and cute.


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Sad news :(


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