Eat your way back to reality after a festival

Festivals in all shapes and forms leave you in a totally different state to when you entered with your massive rucksack and high hopes of sun, shots and almost getting on the stage you were that close...

But, like all good things festivals must come to an end and life must go on, so heres some foody ways to re new your body...

(accompanied with some great festival videos to reminisce or get you excited )

For your liver: Grapefruit will help boost the natural cleansing processes of your liver as they are high in both vitamin C and antioxidants. They also help boost production of the liver detoxification enzymes that flush out carcinogens and other toxins from the body. 

For your skin: Beetroot will help clear up any blemishes, they are high in a range of mineral nutrients including potassium and calcium – all vital for clear skin. They also contain high levels of vitamin E, which is essential for skin healing and health. 

For aching muscles: Salmon, it contains essential fatty acids that will help ease any inflammation, so that stiff joints and muscles won’t slow you down when you’re back to work and the daily grind. 

For low energy: Apples (not energy drinks, no no no) they contain fibre, vitamin C and a range of antioxidants that all have energy-boosting powers. They also contain fructose, which is efficiently processed by the body for energy. 

For sun damage: Cherries, especially if you have acquired some sun burn... they  are a particularly great source of the antioxidant melatonin. This helps protect the skin against UV radiation and also helps repair skin by stimulating skin-cell growth. 

For your everything: Water, to hydrate, help your skin and to give all your organs a boost. If for some fussy festival goers out there, you do not like water or it bores you, vitamin water is a good option as it has some flavour as well as nutrients!

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