How to look after long hair

Long hair is possibly the most desired hair look, not just because of disney princesses and magazines, but because it comes with endless styling possibilities... but no one tells you at 7 years old that long hair, is almost like having a pet and that Rapunzel would have had a hard fu**ing time getting her hair that glossy (she definitely had more than one hair dresser).

So how do you do it? How can you look after long hair? Look no further, here are some top tips:

-Let your hair take a break every chance you can, don't use hair spray or straighteners and use a loose band to tie it back if you must, styling can really work and wear down your hair and its natural oils.

-Don't be afraid to have greasy hair, even if you just have one greasy day around the house, your hair needs the nutrients in the grease to renew its self and grow (like we all need those lazy days at the weekend...)

Mermaids have it easy, they are magical and it looks like teams of seahorse hair dressers can fix their hair in the morning!

-Don't brush your hair when it is wet, hair is extra fragile when it’s wet, but if you really are in a hurry, the best thing to do is section it off and comb it gently bit by bit (if you hear a crackling noise, thats your hair actually breaking *squeals*).

-Dry it naturally when you can, comb it through then let the fresh air do its bit, because like all other heated tools, hair dryers are not going to aid your hair in growing. 

-Use silk or satin pillow cases instead of your cotton ones, they reduce friction. Friction causes = damage and breakage. 

-Coconut oil is great for moisturising every last bit of your hair, you can put it in the ends after washing and leave it to soak in (this can take up to 24 hours) or smother your hair in it the night/day before you intend to wash your hair fully.

See, long hair some with its struggles...

-Do not wash your hair everyday, it sops your hair from looking after itself and in every case means you are fiddling and pulling at it too much. Besides, the more you wash it the quicker it gets greasy.

-Wearing your hair loose to bed is more than likely going to cause tangles for you to pull out in the morning (bad idea) instead, braid your hair, which can create loose waves for the next morning or wrap it up in a really high bun. 

What about shampoo and conditioner? 
Use shampoo on your scalp only - not on the ends of your hair. The shampoo will rinse down through the rest of your hair, so do not scrub the ends. When shampooing, do it circular motions to give your head a massage, this encourages blood circulation and helps to detoxify the scalp. 

Avoid using very hot water, it can dry out your hair and cause tangles that will then break, a good tip is to rinse conditioner out with cold water (as icy as you can get it with out your nipples falling off anyway).

Invest in your conditioners, well looked after hair is worth a lot of money people! 
Buy some leave in conditioner masks and use them every other week, leave them in for anything from 3 minutes to 6 hours, just be aware you dont want your hair so silky you cant do anything with it afterwards; unless that is what you are after.

If you really cant stand the thought of not washing your hair so often, just rinse it in the shower, then dry afterwards, using products in your hair changes the science stuff and in the long run makes more work for yourself. 

But hey, if you get bored of your long hair or you've never been interested in it, who cares? Rapunzel got and kept her prince with a shabby hair cut and no hair spray at all... not that we do our hair for princes anyway (most of them still call blonde yellow anyway *rolls eyes*)

How long is your hair? What is your care routine?


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Jess xx 


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