Invest in: A Culotte Jumpsuit

Culottes pop up here and there every other season, you either love them or you hate 'em.
Jumpsuits on the other hand are increasingly popular and suitable for all seasons.
So combine the two and in black and white it seems like a bit of an odd match...

In colour on the high street however, they are becoming a popular piece this summer and even autumn

Culottes, if you were unsure are knee-length trousers, cut with full wide legs to resemble a skirt.
(super comfy and elegant)

 I've rounded up some of my favourite different colours and styles available on the high street with the links and prices for you to get stuck in:





It's safe to say the garment has come a long way since the 70's...
Check out that belt!






When it comes to styling the piece, how SARALUXE has done it here is perfect:

For a night time look I would definitely suggest heels and some simple but eye-catching accessories; 

As for day time, think more preppy and co-ordinate colours and textures while layering up:

What do you think about culotte jumpsuits?


In some cool and more positive news than last week, Cecil the Lion and 160 endangered animals were projected on to the Empire State Building in New York City to raise awareness and promoting the Discovery Channel's new documentary 'Racing Extinction', which airs this December.


Jess xx

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