Get more out of your red lipstick

Red lipstick is a classic look, worn by itself or with almost any eyeshadow/liner combination. But with the rising popularity of the nude shades, red is less cool...

Nevertheless, good news, theres a way to get more out of your red lipstick. 

For under your eyes. Yes, you read it right, red lipstick for under your eyes.

It contrasts the blue/purple tones that make the 'bags' under your eyes look and feel so negative.

Wait, no don't stop reading, I'm not suggesting you start wearing your red lipstick under your eyes like war paint.

After applying it, blend it in to your skin with your fingers, which also cleans up any excess. Then apply concealer over your under eyes as normal and set with powder. 


Some people love this hack and some people hate it, but you wont know your stance on it if you don't try it. 

For me a matt formula works best, that ways theres no need to worry about red shining through after your daily grind. 

All of that said, your under eyes are nothing to be worried about and nothing to be ashamed of, everyone has them and if you're like me, sleep isn't always the solution. If you like your under eyes, dont waste your red lipstick and if you hate yours, try this little trick and eventually learn to love them separately on your sleepy days when yes, sleep might just help... and maybe tea and cake.

A visual tutorial pulled from youtube:


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