Cleanse your living space this new year

Did you know that clutter and materialism can lead to stress and anxiety? A study actually says by that up to 50% of us could live happily without most of the things we own. There's a lot to be said for living cleaner with less belongings and more time for relaxing rather than looking for lost things and stressing about mess. Here are some steps to cleansing your living space for this new year, its cliche but you have to start some day and what better way to start the year than with a clean, tidy, stress free living space?

- Tidy your night stand / Bed side table, it is one of the first things you see when you wake up and its closest to you when you sleep, it only makes sense.

- Clear out under your bed, hoover it, get rid of the dust. There may be spiders, beware!

- Change your bed covers and keep track of how long you keep them on for, try to change them once a week, this can help you sleep and help your skin.

- Clear out your magazines and books, you won't re read it for the fourth time, you can donate the unwanted books, recycle them or pass them on to friends

- Sort through your discs, those DVD's are probably available on Netflix now and those albums are online, pass what you don't need on to others, sell them or donate them, do not just throw them away!

- Tackle your toiletries, you more than likely got a smelly fancy soap set from a friend over Christmas and you cant just shove it in the cupboard and hope it closes. If you haven't used it for a year, you won't use it now, throw it away if it looks odd or give it to someone who might use it, if not throw it out but be sure to recycle the plastic!

- Open your wardrobe and anything you immediately think 'ugh' to or know you've not worn for the past year, pull it out and let it go... do not feel the need to go out and replace it though, that is a dangerous cycle... 

- Keep hold of any gift bags you come across and re use them, paper literally does grow on trees and we need all the damn oxygen we can on this planet nowadays
Equally, keep hold of your plastic bags Brits, the 5p bag charge is going no where (fist pumps, *we are finally realising the damage we do to the planet every day*)

- Tidy up your make up, make sure all your brushes are clean and evaluate whether you really do need to buy that new lipstick or not. According to Popsugar, this is how long you should hold on to make up for:

MascaraFour months
FoundationOne Year
Concealer12-18 months
Powder18 months
Blush/bronzer18 months
Cream blush12-18 months
Eye shadow18 months
Eyeliner18 months
Liquid eyelinerSix months
Eyeliner18 months
Liquid eyelinerSix months
Lipstick/lip gloss18 months
Lip linerOne year
Nail polishOne year

- Wipe down all the surfaces in your room, de clutter them and feel the relief of clean space

- Sort through your cupboards and drawers, avoid getting distracted by all the things you forgot you had and don't be sentimental about a biscuit wrapper, you really can buy more biscuits and make more memories

Need a clear out playlist? Check out this 8 tracks link here

Need more motivation? Well cleaning actually burns calories and it's free. Plus, you can do it at your pace and not feel crushed by all the new years resolution goers like you would at the gym! According to you could burn all these calories in 30 minutes:

Mopping: 153 calories
Washing floors:187 calories 
Vacuuming: 119 calories 
Sweeping:136 calories
Cleaning windows: 167 calories 
 Rearranging the closet: Moving around some lighter options can burn about 85 calories. 
Redecorating/Painting your bedroom: 167 calories 

All interior images are from  this great tumblr , check it out for interior inspo!
Also see my previous bedroom inspiration post here 


I hope you all had a Merry Christmas, have a wonderful New Year!

Jess xx


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