How to: Hun hairstyle looks

The hun: 
Half up half down hair style with the half up section wrapped up in to a bun.

Said to be inspired by the male topknot, it is just as speculated but easier to achieve.

The hair style really started to take off this summer but is still on the rise, you either love it or hate it, either way you'll see someone wearing it.

Although it arguably can look like you've sectioned your hair off to use straighteners or a curling wand, its a unique, preppy and cute look that can actually be achieved in minutes (it's actually easier to do the day you need to wash your hair... bonus)

This Autumn has seen the hairstyle win over celebrities on the red carpet and stylists for magazines, so how can you get the hun and which one is right for you?

In my opinion there are three key Hun looks:

Look one- Messy, bohemian, I gave up on a half up style because my hair was tangled kind of look.
I really like the little strands of hair that have been pulled forward on this look and the messy braid.
Here is a tutorial on how to achieve something similar:

 Look two- The get this hair out of my face but let me look glamorous kind of hun

Pulling the hair back and squashing it in to a bun to focus on your make up and the underneath section of your hair, this is a quick hun style. Similar tutorial here:

Look Three- The perfectionist hun, sleek, pushed back, serious and not so preppy
For those who like to spend a little extra time and hairspray, its the more effort consuming hun, here is a similar tutorial (which is still only 3:35 minutes long)

What do you think of the hun hairstyle? It is a great go to for the holidays too, its quick, easy, comfy, looks good and keeps your hair away from candles, food and snow!


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

Jess xx


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