It's December!!!

Yes, now is the first real socially acceptable day to discuss the fact it is almost Christmas here in the UK and chances are, unless you are super organised, today is also the horrible realisation of how much gift wrapping, shopping and socialising there is to do.

Besides the winter sales (did anyone get a black Friday bargain? Or maybe a cyber Monday deal?), there is that cheesy festive jumper you still need to get your hands on, here are my top picks:

F&F Christmas Jumper £16

Dorothy Perkins Christmas Jumper, £26

Kaleidoscope Christmas Jumper, £25

Kaleidoscope Christmas Jumper, £25

Debenhams Elf Christmas Jumper, £20

Joules Christmas Jumper, £49.95

Christmas clothing really doesn't have to scream lights, glitter and santa, it can still be pretty and understated. Dress them with a mini 60's skirt and over the knee boots or jeans and ankle boots. Maybe even wear one over your usual office dress and add a belt. Hey, I put tinsel in my hair last Christmas at work, get festive and fun, it only happens once a year. Many jumpers will be hitting the rails this weekend.

Jess xx 


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